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2013-02-15, 23:17
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Mar 2006
Loving this game ( ), don't ask me why because I'm a hardcore Quaker at heart but this game is very appealing to me. Doesn't hurt that it has a huge player base compared to NA QW. It's typical F2P but not terrible (only F2P I've spent on yet). Anyhow they have a good promotion going right now for newbies. If you make a new account you can head over here -

Then get one day of free premium time which adds +50% XP/CBills. This is great because as a new player you already get a huge cadet CBill bonus for the first 25 matches. Add on another 50% from the premium time and it's an excellent way to start playing. Play your first 25 matches before your premium time runs out and look in the forums over on their site for free voice servers, so you can join up in 4 or 8 man groups for added fun.

Here's my current favorite build in the game, though it is a bit expensive -

CTF-3D jump jet sniper, loads of fun to play. EU servers are coming sometime this year so I imagine it'll get much more popular in EU then.
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