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2012-09-10, 16:33
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Oct 2011
So I've been having this problem for a while but recently its got worse. When connecting to xs4all the main server more times than not it just says connected but never connects me. The only fix I've found for this is to restart my client and try again but lately its taking 5-6 restarts before I can connect, sometimes after many restarts the server tells me I'm banned :S. Does anyone suffer this problem too or is it only me? any help would be much appreciated guys.
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2012-09-10, 18:19
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Jan 2006
It happens to me as well.
that happens because you are connecting thru a proxy, and that proxy is banned on xs4all servers, because some cheater connects thru it to connect to xs4all server. So the admin banned the ip the server recognizes, which is in this case, the proxy's ip. So everyone using that proxy that want to connect to xs4all, he cant, because "its banned".
Alternatives: connect right after ezquake loads (before "ping tree built" or something.) That's what i do.
You can disable "sb_findroutes " so it won't build the ping tree, and won't use proxys to improve ping.

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2012-09-10, 20:44
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Apr 2006
Banning a proxy that is public is always a really bad option. You should have similar to MVDSV's sv_getrealip that allows banning a real ip instead of the proxy ip, so even if the one banned uses whatever proxy there is, he is still unable to join even if the proxy itself is not banned.

And you know what? My proxy is banned on xs4all. And why do I know this even if I don't play on xs4all ffa? Because people are asking me "why have you banned me?" while I have nothing to do with this useless ban that affects real players and not the cheater. The cheater can always find a new proxy that can obviously be banned, but this isn't really working for the scene, is it?
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