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Ozquake - Australian QW 1on1 League
2012-03-02, 23:34
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Mar 2012

Firstly, nice work on OzQuake.. good to see we have a portal for quake down under!

Just some feedback, I would love to see some regular comps happening. The OzQuake website itself seems like theres too many links and logins which makes things trickier to browse and the fact that its all one way (me reading) I got no idea if the place is active or not. Why not just establish a Forum for OzQuake where everything is done inside and people can interact over time? And you can see the amount of activity? Call for signups for comps inside, put the brackets inside, run the OzQuake community purely forum based. The most perfect example I can give of this where it has been working in the quaking community for over a decade is the Pit forums: . This runs flawlessly, its integral part of the community and comps are run from inside, as well as organising games and general banter.

When it comes to comps, it may be an idea to have a regular set time for games, ie every Sunday night at 8pm. No shows = forfeit and therefore the comps move on without the 'dragged out' nature (unless arranged by both players outside of this).

Would love to see this come alive.. I've only just got quakeworld again in the last couple of weeks and I'm suprised and excited by the level of activity, however I think it can be taken to another level if managed appropriately.
2012-03-03, 07:35
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Jan 2006
Well said!

2012-03-13, 06:46
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Aug 2011
I agree. Plus our two admins, Xile and Wasko are never around. We lost channel registration in #ozquake. We should really either get another active administrator or two and reregister the channel, or move elsewhere and start fresh.

My two cents.

Jambi aka blindcunt.
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