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Graphics Discussion
2011-11-28, 10:24
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Feb 2011
I was surfing around and found out that they are releasing some really good stuff over at

Nicer player model, i found this one here at the forums some time ago, then the model was never finished ? well now it is.

New Pentagram model. doesnt work in ezquake, works in darkplaces tho

New Rocket/Grenade model with ammo packs.
2011-11-28, 11:48
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Mar 2007
As a former software 320x200 player I think it's pretty funny how Quake looks nowdays.


watching these sreenshots:

makes me think that there should be more co-operation between netquake and quakeworld communities.
2011-11-28, 12:03
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Sep 2006
I definitely agree that the "player model section" REALLY needs improvement since almost nothing has been done to makle it prettier.
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