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2011-10-09, 16:43
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Nov 2008
I just ran into a problem I've never encountered before. I'm building a new computer with a 6core processor and blabla, but when installling it, my motherboard wouldn't recognize it UNLESS I upgraded my BIOS to a specific version.

So I upgraded BIOS which worked flawlessly, but when it had been upgraded, I can't even boot the computer, neither with nor without CD or anything. :-D I see the welcome screen with some info about the motherboard but then the screen turns black and nothing happens and I have to reboot. I can't reach BIOS, I can't reach anything, there's absolutely nothing I can do that I can think of.

Any ideas? XD

2011-10-09, 17:09
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Jun 2007
post this on sweclockers as well, they might have some ideas
2011-10-09, 18:14
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Mar 2008
My first guess would be power supply
2011-10-09, 21:26
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Sep 2011
check your mainboard handbook, usually there is a jumper setting to clear the bios.
That might get you going.
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