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2011-09-22, 10:45
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Jan 1970
How many would agree to play 10 minute long practice rounds?

Shortening the round would make the hard games less painful for the short-skilled. Less rape, more experience on those common situations, more games for everybody, less time waiting. These seem like plus sides to me.

I suppose high div isnt interested in this at all because of high skill differences and no challenge, but low div might like to jump at the chance to play 'the heroes' with limited risk of hitting respawn 20 minutes.

Check your dots.

edit: sorry for putting this on wrong thread, please relocate it?
2011-09-22, 18:36
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Jan 2007
Was thinking about 5 minute rounds for practicing starts the other day. Downsides: potentially more waiting around in between rounds for people to smoke or whatever. Also not much pent practice. I tried something similar with a board game called Go a while back, only playing the first however many moves to practice starting... but we just ended up wanting to continue the games. I guess it's a bit different when you don't have the choice tho. But 4x5min games would be brilliant for practicing starts, considering how big a difference they can make.
2011-09-22, 19:42
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Dec 2006
Playing 6min rounds would let you practice the pents.
2011-09-22, 20:05
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Jan 2006
We played short rounds in Slackers of 7 minutes. its enough time to get first pent and 2 mins to either regain control if you were behind, or establish dominance, in either case it was enough.
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