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2011-04-21, 22:49
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May 2007
What's your favourite spawning points in TB3 (why not other maps also)? You can analyze by personal interest or purely teamplay-wise.

Here's my trio:

DM2: I prefer low-rl spawn over tele, because there's little to mess up at low compared to tele. Although at tele, if you aim well you will get to 1st quad earlier compared to low-spawn.

DM3: I love ra-tunnel spawn. Getting hill-mega -> lg -> ra, then surprising (possible) nmy rl at ring OR getting 2nd Q with 200/200 at ring is priceless. Rl-spawn is so unpredictable, and with pent-spawns there's possibility that you will get owned at window by late nmy Q.

A close second is sng-tele. Getting ring+q then killing nmy rl at ya is very enjoyable. Especially if you get the pack.

E1M2: One word: RL
Str8 Outta Ritoniemi!
2011-04-22, 01:08
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Jan 2006
DM3: RL, cause no one will rock me outta yellow.
DM2: low rock since telly = enemy can get both quad / highrl with quad jump.
e1m2: gl, since i can boomstick any rl out and get pack then own.
DM6: ra RL, gg.
dm4: ra-rl gg.
aerowalk, anywhere cause i'll own them anyhow.
2011-04-22, 09:05
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Apr 2006
On DM3 I agree with RA-Tunnel but for a different reason. In a job interview I couldn't say that, but it's that from that spawn you have less responsibilities and fewer things to fuck up. When you see the countdown on dm3 ticking down're aware of that fact that you NEED to get pent if you spawn YA - otherwise your mistake let your team down and can already decide the game from the beginning. So, spawning RA-Tunnel is rather laid back, see what your mates do and join the game later.

Dm2: SSG. Getting RA/Mega and SSG is nice.

e1m2: Not sure, really, because I find e1m2 usually is such a chaos that it doesn't really matter. I enjoy to have first quad, but spawning quad and getting it with 0/100 is a rather rare occasion.
2011-04-22, 13:24
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Mar 2006
DM6: My favorite spawn is the green armor spawn, lower or upper, and my opponents spawns there too. The favorite part comes when I can go get MH+RL first (without getting telefragged) and then get RA gg.
2011-04-23, 02:30
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Jan 2009
God I hate the ra-tunnel spawn with all of my heart, every single fucking time I spawn there I (as always) strafe left and +back, and some other enemy faggot spawns right infront of me after have gotten telefragged in start and he steals the mega.
So, dm3, ya-pent spawn ftw.
dm2, spec spawn ftw.
e1m2, quad spawn, with a great boomstick its so ez to rape and get 2nd ya and 2nd rl :p
2011-04-23, 10:07
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Mar 2008
dm3: ring+quad
dm2: tele (alone)
e1m2: RL
2011-04-23, 20:28
News Writer
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Jun 2007
dm2: low rl
dm3: rl
e1m2: rl

outside of tb3:
dm6: ra
dm4: i prefer not to spawn here
aerowalk: same as dm4
skull: ra
ztndm3: same as dm4
povdmm4: anywhere except high
2011-04-25, 13:53
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Apr 2007
DM2 - low rl
dm4 - Ra
dm6 - Ra
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