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Advanced Configuration
2010-12-23, 03:24
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Feb 2008
alias +rl "weapon 7;+attack"
alias -rl "-attack;weapon 2"
bind mouse1 +rl

alias +lg "weapon 8;+attack"
alias -lg "-attack;weapon 2"
bind mouse3 +lg

alias +gn "weapon 6; +attack"
alias -gn "-attack; weapon 2"
bind mwheeldown +gn

now I can get the rl and the lg to work but when i went on to the next weapon that i was going to bind gl wouldnt fire,, however sg would.. ive tried binding it +gl also just to make sure..

dunno if im missing a command to enable the mwheel to be bount but that wouldnt make sice since 2 was firing anyways mabey some weapon order or impulse order or deletion i need i dont know cfg that well..

anywyas g9 mouse first gen.. mabey a in_mouse setting ???

ive done it two ways open the cfg itself close save yes....

and typed it in qw then cfg_save still nothing
2010-12-23, 12:54
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Dec 2008
mwheeldown and mwheelup are not usual buttons. You cannot use +-aliases.

I suggest to add:
alias throw_gren "+gn; wait; -gn"
bind mwheeldown throw_gren
2010-12-23, 14:35
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Jan 2006
+- aliasses bound to buttons work like this:

+alias is activated when button is held down.
-alias is activated when button is released.

with the wheel there is no "release", so -alias won't be activated.
2010-12-24, 17:59
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Nov 2006
Strange, i have this and it works:

alias +gl "weapon 6 7 8 5 3 2 4 1;+attack"
alias -gl "-attack"
bind mwheeldown "+gl"

if i remove alias -gl it will keep shooting and msg shows "unknown command -gl"
2010-12-24, 21:51
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Mar 2006
yeh, paradoks is wrong here. the wheel stuff just sends an instant release
one of the good guys! so please don't ban -
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