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2010-09-25, 21:31
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Jul 2007
As topic says: How were team-msg's ("tp_msgpoint"etc) done in older clients?

I'm using fodquake, which is based on fuhquake (I think) and I played 2on2 yesterday which was quite fun. But how do I setup these handy msg's alla ezquake?
2010-09-26, 14:29
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Dec 2006
There were no built in aliases, you made your own. Most of the ezquake aliases should work in fuhquake if you save and import them, although you may have to strip out any coloured text stuff.
2010-09-29, 01:16
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Jan 2006
Hehe those were the days...

Remember when all the top clans had their own special configs. I still remember like ToT and Lithium (cool clans!), maybe not the best ones, but their configs stood out in a nice way :>

Clans today also have their own special layouts, but it was more obvious back in the days 8)
2010-11-04, 00:45
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Oct 2010
Dont forget that the proxies of those days (qizmo) made these a bit easier.
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