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2009-12-21, 13:04
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May 2007
Just to make a statement. Springs has been faking as me, junkass several times at least on 20.12.09. At first Rakke told me about it, then i checked my Quakeworld statistic's and noticed it myself.

Rakke can confirm it wasn't me playing, and it was indeed Springs.

Please stop this Springs, it's lame and annoying. Thx.
Str8 Outta Ritoniemi!
2009-12-21, 16:45
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May 2006
Are you sure he's not just using a random nick? Because his score is pretty good
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2009-12-21, 17:06
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Apr 2006
You know exactly why this happened, and I doubt this is the best way to make it stop. :/
2009-12-21, 19:41
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Mar 2008
some drama i've missed?
2009-12-21, 21:24
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Jan 2006
Forum Rules wrote:
If you have a problem with a particular user, make sure you keep it off this forum.

If someone bothers you on this forum, report it to the administrators of this forum. If someone bothers you on a QW server, report it to the administrators of the given QW server.
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