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Team Fortress
2009-10-09, 17:49
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Oct 2008
Hey people,

I'm here to promote a BIG quakeworld TF game coming up in a few weeks:

Rock2ober 2009

Note: Please follow the booking instructions on the link above. Email bookings only (no PMs please); so get those diaries out, and let me know.

See you there!!

ps. It's October 10th, and half the slots are already taken, so be quick!
pps. I can't wait!!!!!!!
2009-10-10, 16:09
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Oct 2009
Even though I don't play custom TF, just the regular, its' nice to see some more tf action happening Hope you get those 32 players!

PS. While you are at it, take 8 of those players and sign up for Tomtefortress (
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