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2009-05-10, 03:30
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May 2009
Hi, i love quake, and love ezquake, i play since 1997 with 28kbps modem #) Well, now i have this config QUAD q6600 with 2GB 800mhz ddr2 and 8800 GTS Alphadog 512MB video, using lcd 22 viewsonic(i know CRT is better for play ), what i need is, how i can make my quake run very fast? I just got 75hz using the soft reforce, what i can do more?

Please, help me!

Thanks for your time anyways!
2009-05-10, 04:07
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Nov 2008
TFT limited to 75Hz?
read that:
"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear"
2009-05-10, 06:23
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Oct 2006
download nquake, that will give you a good start up!

Have fun
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