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2006-03-08, 14:33
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Jan 2006
Gold Predictions by Sassa

Group A

Death Team
They just lost Paradoks and nabbe over the last 2 seasons and will not beable to play even good enough to win over ssc, I believe that the team will only play 2 games and then wo due to inactivity!

Key player(s): activity

Firing Squad
is in EQL semifinals and will have it eazy in all games except vs f0m, fragomatics will win this game due to pings and activity! IF spoink gets back it will be tight but regardless if he is there or not f0m will win e1m2 and dm3 a 2-0 victory with 50 frags+ on both maps for f0m

Key player(s):spoink

valla xterm xantom manu
do I need to say anything else?
f0m is right now searching for 1 more div0 player so they can be more active.
They will not have any problems at all with this group and will as normal play lots of games just before the big game vs fs and then move forward to the quarterfinals as #1 in this group

Key player(s): manu's girlfriend

Satanic Slaughter Clan
they are back with milton, will they upset f0m or fs? HELL NO!! maybe win dm3 vs fs if they dont play with reppie!
will win 2-0 vs triada and win 2-1 vs DT and come on a good third place, milton is not a one man army anymore, ski is a very talented player and will be the key of this team.

Key player(s): ski

avenger.... and avenger again and Avenger again..
sorry guys, you will not come far maybe win 1 map vs dt and get raped on the rest of the maps

Key player(s): are there more players than avenger? NAS if he joins

Group B

Were is t-moe?
can they get their act togheter now that they dont got cmt3? sd2 will win this match if they field a good lineup, but I still think 2-1 victory for zoo vs sd2!

Key player(s):t-moe

Gamer jukka scenic and who more? is eh good enough, or should pkk start gibbing again? my vote goes for wallu that got what it takes if he get his act togheter!
will be hard vs SR and they will loose. slackers will win 2-0 in a even battle but due to Insane and his ping conditions it will be unfair pings and victory for SR

Key player(s): Wallu (general manager)

Paradoks and Murdoc are two of the hottest players right now and they just got even hotter on dm3 BUT i heard that seese might comeback just because he got the hot "]SR[" prefix!
not many teams can tuch this team with their key "Player" insane!
why is he the key player? he wil boost up the pings so it will be in SR's advantage

Key player(s): ping, uhhmm öhh I ment Insane

They got the players
they got the rutine but they dont got the teamplay.
If they start praccing alot again they might have a good chance of beating zoo.

Key player(s): Teamplay

Group C

Anti Quad
Got a big chance here to get their geers togheter and move to the quarterfinals, but not winning 1 single map in 1 month is not good.

Key player(s): cougars poker (so he can rent hib for this season)

Clan Malfunction
ohhhh angua...
ohhhh fix...
ohhhh fifi...
ohhhh siv...

Key player(s): anguas army and fifi's tft monitor

Easy To Kill
will be easy to kill

Key player(s): Change clan name

I have heard that obv wont enter this season of NQR and that mutilator might join LA!
obv is always good and I think they got a good chans of heading for the playoffs by beating AQ

Key player(s): Djevulsk (he can fix some scores under the table, he is nqr admin)

Group D

Lege Artis
will be hard to beat but will they hold as a team now?
its hard to have big mouthed players in 1 team... they need their "Murinho" or "Cappello" and its Dag that need to controll the divas of LA and get them to work as a group. Slm, nbe and riker are all 1 inch of getting into a fight and should not play at the same time, but they can work good if dag gets in the game

Key player(s): Murinho or cappello

Loser Squadron
They got the mean anime-lover Hixo back into the game.
He will show you how to win the eff. in all games but will that be enough to win the games?

Key player(s): Hixo

I wont write anything about my clan, I will use phrenics predicsion instead:

top3 dm3, top3 dm2, lex bps and ok98. This clan can impress if they are on topshape.
Giving both legeartis and tVS a hard time on all tb3 maps with their teamplay.
With sassa @ dm2 low and retic dm3 quadrunner i think they will do a 1-2 map versus
both Lege Artis and tVS.

Key player(s): lex

the Viper Squad
loosing milton and getting goljat!
good / bad?
BADD!!! goljat is not the player he was and he will never be that player again if he dosnt choose to join slackers again.
so they will have a hard time vs LA and SD.

Key player(s): Mirage
2006-03-08, 14:39
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Jan 2006
You have 2 group Cs!

Also, ROADBLOCK is T-Moe.
2006-03-08, 14:40
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Jan 2006
lol about the keyplayers
2006-03-17, 18:22
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Feb 2006
sassa: how unstable is the LA situation? Is dag in good shape qw-wise? do you not think they have the skills and drive to take out f0m?

respectfully, xhrl
finem respice
2006-03-17, 19:07
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Jan 2006
dag is getting in better shape but not as he was before..
F0m have been inactive for a while as a team but played 2on2/mix from time to time.
They got what it takes to win NQR and they will do it, toughest team will be koff
2006-03-17, 19:32
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Jan 2006
I seriously doubt dag will even play, I've seen him play 2 or 3 maps in the last few months.
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