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2006-03-03, 16:45
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Jan 2006 is back, yeah we are back dudez.. I was informed that BGSR is in creation because of SR is beeing back.. I got so horny that I went straight to their office bulding and asked for a interview about their comeback.

As you might know I was put aside because of their Group-photo of their on coming China-tour, but after beeing waiting in their building lobby for a few hours I was let in in the "chill room" with the whole clan + goljat as a Gollum listening everything and commenting, here goes the interview

Hi and welcome to
todays interview is with the mighty Slackers.. lets start the interview by telling abit about yourself.

]SR[krab My name is Erik, 20 years old, live in Varberg.. On my freetime i dont do much, going in a class because i dont have any work..

]SR[murdoc My name is Danny Reuser i am 20 years old and live in NL, started pplaying qw in like 98 and started to play in a clan around `03 at the same time o got a decent connection and the fun begon, Tried some other games but never felt any more love for a game then QW.

]SR[goblin My name is Cristoffer Ortiz, im 21 years old and living in sweden (Norrköping) right now Im in the army so i have not much freetime to spend with my friends and my girlfriend etc.

]SR[ParadokS David Larsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. 24 years old. Almost half of that spent on exploring the wonders of QuakeWorld. Playing some poker in my sparetime which leaves me freedom to play as much qw as I want and enjoy other finer things the internet has to offer.

Goljat My name is Sympaattinen Hiekottaja, 24 years old, i live in East Helsinki.

Give us a brief resume about your QW history. How and when did you start and why do you keep playing?

]SR[murdoc I played in some nl-noob clans, nothing serious with my 200ms+ ping, when i finally got in some good clan (dna) i had to quit qw for 6 months because of a 900,- euro phonebill, when i came back dna was gone. Joined dutch hope after that wich became insanity. Now playing with leftovers/slackers

]SR[goblin Damn i dont remember the year i started to play, but i have play like 5 - 6 year? well i have play little q3 to but didnt like q3/q4 doom3 so much and i dont have time to play and learn i new game so i play qw only. and we won eurocup in wc3 to damn forgot it =)

]SR[krab My mate showed me the QW but around 98 or something. Back then i didnt know that you could play online. So after some months we played over the internet. My fist clan was EOA it was a Uk clan. And i have played in a few clans since then. Second,Gamblers and so on, and now im here in Leftover/SLackers.

How come you decided to form slackers again?

Goljat its not slackers without mike keenan

]SR[ParadokS I tried to get some new members to slackers after most of our original members either quit qw and gamer who left for KOFF. But it wasn't so easy as first anticipated. I joined DT for EQL because I just wanted to stay active. But I missed the top level action in Slackers so I was looking for some other challenges. Leftovers has been doing pretty good last months I've seen them and with their current member situation there was room for me
I played some games with them, including the use of MM3 (ykes) which I'm not used to. But it went surprisingly well and the atmosphere is great.
To me leftovers seem more like a group of quakers just wanting to play, so there is not done much out of clan-apperances. With Slackers homepage, and channel being idle I suggested they joined Slackers. And so they did

Will this team continue in eql3 that will start in ~3 weeks? or will we see the old slackers and old leftovers?

]SR[ParadokS As far as I know, members of leftovers has left that clan and will be playing for Slackers exclusive.

You got SD2 koff zoo and jmk in your NQR group, what team will be the hardest team to beat and who do you think will be your hardest opponents in the whole tourney?

]SR[ParadokS KOFF ofourse. I don't see us having any problems with the rest of the field, but KOFF will definitly be a challenge. They have a unique style of teamplay and skilled players - heck, we even breed one of them in Slackers, and he has now become master of his own herd. KOFF will be the new Slackers first real test.

]SR[goblin KOFF is a good team so they will be hardest. And the rest of the clans i think fom,la,fs are hard to beat to. So it will be nice season *RODNAR*

]SR[murdoc koff is defenitly the hardest team to beat, i think if fs pracced a bit more they would be the hardest team to beat, we always had problems with their playingstyle.

]SR[krab Koff is a really good team they will be hard to beat in the group. I havent seen the other clans played so much so I dont know, but you should now underrest your enemys. they got some strong names too. I dont know who will be the hardest team of all, they are many strong teams such as cMF FS tVS and so on.

What will you do to get the old BGSR luck?

]SR[ParadokS I will rub my copper SR lantern 3 times and ask the geenie to bless us this season.

Goljat para cheapo 2.62

As I recall it LO lived by the ping advantage all the time the way SR did.. what will you guys do now that you have gathered the top 2 ping prewar winners ?

]SR[murdoc as far as i know, i always been in the highest pinging team. With the come of wargmaez is just became better for nl players, instead of 38 vs 13 it now is 25 vs 25 nothing unfair about that.

Goljat that is fucking stupid question, we had disadvantage with pings more than 50% of games, slackers always played fair games.

I have heard that BGSR might form again, I got a tip from "unnamed" that the old guys mrlame angua slime and vladde dropped from their clans to form BGSR again, any comments?

]SR[murdoc hehe, will be fun but don't think it will happen cuz there will be no cmf then ((

]SR[goblin if they join BGSR the will be strong, it would be funny to play against them

]SR[ParadokS I hope that is not true, I wanted nabbe, Inferno, rock to Slackers. But I won't be a bitch and say I settled for 2nd best with LO. Whatever teams will form outthere, we will take the challenge head on

]SR[krab I agree with goblin.

What do you guys think about the community at the moment?

]SR[murdoc Same as always nice guys playing a nice game, some put alot of effort in to it, to make it more fun for everyone. Best game ever Best community ever!

]SR[ParadokS I'm really excited with the things going on behind With EQL, NQR and duelmania being so active I think we will have a great 2006 and even better 2007.

]SR[krab It's nice, alots of players. We will have it fun for long time now.

]SR[goblin hehe it always nice to have good people around me. And we have fun together *rodnar*

We have seen clans come and go, new teams be created etc, why will this squad hold with the presure that Slackers always have? will you just fall apart if u have a bad season? How will u prevent this from happening?

]SR[ParadokS It's easier to form a new random team and disband after a bad season. But there is something about being in a clan that has history in my oppinion.

]SR[murdoc Agree with para.

]SR[goblin well it just a game so dont take it to seriously. Sure slackers always have press but it dosent matter. I think we gonna stay long together, we have play alot of games now and we always have fun togheter so whatever (c) para


Dm3 has always been the Slacker map, what maps do you guys think is ur strongest and why? what map is your weakest and why?

]SR[murdoc Hehe, dm3 will still be our best map, e1m2 will be our worst just cuz we don't prac it.

]SR[ParadokS That information is classified. Well, the truth I probalby played over 1000 maps with Slackers and maybe 6 with LO. It's just too soon to answer a question like that. Lets get some results on the board first.

Is Javve and Goljat on Freetransfer now? or will they have a comeback in slackers?

]SR[ParadokS Goljat is playing in <whatsitsname?>.fi clan and javve is busy irl. But javve is still welcome here

]SR[goblin wtf i bored at quad enemy (c) krab. Yeah whatever (c) paradoks. Stop blocking me man (c) murdoc. *rodnar* (c) gob

What do you guys wanna say to all those other clans just laughing at this new Slacker creation and just wanna spank your asses?

]SR[ParadokS Are they laughing? Well, lets just see who gets the last laugh.

]SR[goblin i just have one thing to say *rodnar* i give a shit.. and laughing? why? hm

]SR[murdoc I just laugh with them

]SR[krab Just keep on laughing.

Thnx alot guys and what is your final words for your enemys and for your fans?

]SR[murdoc Looking forward to nqr9 and eql3 with this lineup, will be fun with the good old clans coming back. keylegs is teh shit!

]SR[goblin wtf i bored at quad enemy (c) krab. Yeah whatever (c) paradoks. Stop blocking me man (c) murdoc. *rodnar* (c) gob flikker up (c) dragon

So I stepped out of their office building with 2 big Bodyguards helping me out of there, so I wouldnt get into their tactical room or any other secret rooms they got hidden.. just as I got outside and looked at the sun I started feeling a feeling I havent feelt since nqr6, I dont know what it is but having so many top clans back it just brought a smile on my face
The upcoming NQR9/EQL3 will be so fun that I might just change my nick in sassa.cfg to Sassa.Cam and start commentating all the games.

This is it for now from and yeah the site is beeing fixed as we speak..

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2006-03-03, 17:05
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Jan 2006
I moved this to General and put a shorter post in the news forum - it was taking up so much damn room on the news page on front
2006-03-03, 17:08
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Jan 2006
2006-03-03, 17:33
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Jan 1970
fun interview!
2006-03-03, 18:02
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Mar 2006
Slackers, slackers, slackers.... Damn I could keep on going all day long..


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2006-03-04, 03:02
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Feb 2006
man, it surprises me that para and goljat --i should say mike keenan? -- have played together for a longtime! hehe, these good old slackers were once part of E. i guess some of the new young blood is refreshing? will hib be coming back?
finem respice
2006-03-04, 13:27
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Jan 2006
*rodnar* <-- thats just so fjortis/lunar
2006-03-04, 18:18
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Jan 1970
xrhl: im not a slacker anymore :E
2006-03-04, 19:50
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Jan 1970
goljat do you want to join my clan?
2006-03-14, 16:23
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Feb 2006
heh, slm: goljat and i are starting a revolutionary new clan concept, a Finno-Canucko-SuperHighPing clan. We haven't yet settled on a name, but we will demand that all of our games get played on some old server in Korea
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