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2007-10-28, 17:54
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Jan 2007
So I'm checking out every map on suomicom-servers and find trick11.bsp. After a few minutes I can see that it has some interesting shit that separates it from most trickjumping maps. I was wondering who is behind the map and if it has been finished yet..

Here's the map I'm talking about:
2007-10-28, 18:28
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Oct 2006
I seem to remember there being tricking movies that use this map. Also remember playing it myself some years back.

I think the map name info should be quite explanatory:

map wrote:

You're not supposed have this. -(tm) lameduke

:] So maybe a real vesion was released with some other name later and this is just a beta / test release?
2007-10-29, 00:08
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Dec 2006
Without downloading that and checking it out, its possibly the sequel to trick1, by Airconditioning. He's not really around the QW scene anymore as far as I can tell. Also lol @ lameduke.

edit: ok downloaded it and tried, its definitely Aircon's.
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