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Maps & Textures
2007-12-02, 12:49
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May 2006
How is the progress here, any final release out yet?
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2007-12-02, 18:48
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Feb 2006
Tonik is waiting to hear back from Carmack
2008-11-10, 02:40
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Mar 2006
Aquashark wrote:
readme.txt wrote:
Quake maps recompiled by Aquashark using the GPL sources

All Quake maps compiled with the tools in
All map sources are included in


get them here (13.2 MB).

the skies are solid like the original and the lighting is 99% faithful i guess (haven't checked the singleplayer levels, but they should be fine since i batch compiled everything with the same parameters).

Any chance this file can make a comeback (Aquashark or Spirit?)

I am mostly interested in look at .bat file to see the compiler options used.

I didn't permanently save this file because, well, I thought it'd always be available at the Shub Hub.
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2008-11-10, 04:20
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Mar 2006

It appears I kept what I was looking for ...

qbsp -wad simple.wad dm1
qbsp -wad simple.wad dm2
qbsp -wad simple.wad dm3
qbsp -wad simple.wad dm4
qbsp -wad simple.wad dm5
qbsp -wad simple.wad dm6
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m1
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m2
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m3
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m4
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m5
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m6
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m7
qbsp -wad simple.wad e1m8
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m1
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m2
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m3
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m4
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m5
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m6
qbsp -wad simple.wad e2m7
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m1
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m2
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m3
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m4
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m5
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m6
qbsp -wad simple.wad e3m7
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m1
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m2
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m3
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m4
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m5
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m6
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m7
qbsp -wad simple.wad e4m8
qbsp -wad simple.wad end
qbsp -wad simple.wad start
vis -nokeys dm1
vis -nokeys dm2
vis -nokeys dm3
vis -nokeys dm4
vis -nokeys dm5
vis -nokeys dm6
vis -nokeys e1m1
vis -nokeys e1m2
vis -nokeys e1m3
vis -nokeys e1m4
vis -nokeys e1m5
vis -nokeys e1m6
vis -nokeys e1m7
vis -nokeys e1m8
vis -nokeys e2m1
vis -nokeys e2m2
vis -nokeys e2m3
vis -nokeys e2m4
vis -nokeys e2m5
vis -nokeys e2m6
vis -nokeys e2m7
vis -nokeys e3m1
vis -nokeys e3m2
vis -nokeys e3m3
vis -nokeys e3m4
vis -nokeys e3m5
vis -nokeys e3m6
vis -nokeys e3m7
vis -nokeys e4m1
vis -nokeys e4m2
vis -nokeys e4m3
vis -nokeys e4m4
vis -nokeys e4m5
vis -nokeys e4m6
vis -nokeys e4m7
vis -nokeys e4m8
vis -nokeys end
vis -nokeys start
light -extra dm1
light -extra dm2
light -extra dm3
light -extra dm4
light -extra dm5
light -extra dm6
light -extra e1m1
light -extra e1m2
light -extra e1m3
light -extra e1m4
light -extra e1m5
light -extra e1m6
light -extra e1m7
light -extra e1m8
light -extra e2m1
light -extra e2m2
light -extra e2m3
light -extra e2m4
light -extra e2m5
light -extra e2m6
light -extra e2m7
light -extra e3m1
light -extra e3m2
light -extra e3m3
light -extra e3m4
light -extra e3m5
light -extra e3m6
light -extra e3m7
light -extra e4m1
light -extra e4m2
light -extra e4m3
light -extra e4m4
light -extra e4m5
light -extra e4m6
light -extra e4m7
light -extra e4m8
light -extra end
light -extra start

Still ... if I recall correctly, I believe Aquashark fixed something wrong on the end map in that archive he had.
Is that a roll of toothpicks in your pocket or are you just happy to see Sassa?
2008-11-12, 19:20
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Mar 2006
My MOBO crashed last saturday!

Whenever I fix it I'll upload the file! - QuakeFiles
2008-11-13, 10:39
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Feb 2006
Baker5: reuploaded @
god damn hippies >_<
2008-11-14, 06:56
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Mar 2006
Is that a roll of toothpicks in your pocket or are you just happy to see Sassa?
2008-11-17, 08:58
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Feb 2006
At school right now, so can't dl the file, but whats in it?
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