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2007-02-04, 18:53
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Jul 2006

when im connected to a server via qizmo, i get like a message in console every now and then saying "info string length exceeded"

it usually happens after i reconnect to server or disconnect and join as spectator ... like for example

i start up qw, connect to qizmo, then to server as spec or player. no problems, and no info string length exceeded message,

but if i join the server i was speccing, or start speccing the server i was playing at, (still connected to qizmo)

i get this message every now and then... and its annoying cuz it distracts attention from teammessages...

anyone knows? =/
2007-02-04, 23:28
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Jan 2006
when you start to get the message, type setinfo then enter in console and take a screenshot of the output
2007-02-05, 07:28
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Jan 2006
Put this in a cfg you exec often/before you join as spectator

// Setinfos
setinfo b_switch "" // Useless key
setinfo w_switch "" // Useless key
setinfo password "" // Useless key
setinfo noaim "" // Useless key
setinfo msg "" // Useless key

b_switch & w_switch can be handled by ktpro/ktx using

alias infoset "cmd info b_switch 1; cmd info w_switch 1"
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