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2007-01-31, 01:41
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Jan 2006

Hi and welcome to, can you tell a bit about yourself outside the world of QW?

Hi my name is Karol Sakowski i live in Swidnica (south west Poland) , I'm a 23 years old student. Besides qw im interested in cars (honda`s especially :e), football , betting and my grirlfriend of course

How did you start playing qw?

Well that was soooo long ago i don't remember correctly i think it was in 1997, i played like a month over the net (ping 200 with my hot 33.6 kbps modem + like 15 fps i had cyrix 166 back then )
then i signed up for some 1/1 lan competition which was held in a city like 20 km from mine, and it was organized by HGC (the old crew) i went there and i got addicted with the atmosphere etc. Then hgc offered me to join them which i did
thats basically my quakeworld initiation

You guys recently signed up in NQR with 9 players in Slackers, how do you choose who should play and who shouldn't?

Well we`ve never really had problem with that so far, but true we got 2 more active players now (xali + pascal) I'm not sure how will it work, personally i think our best lineup is me Para, Murdoc and Dragon (simply because we played loads of maps together and we know how to communicate via mm3)
guess we will have a voting before every game or something like that

What kind of benefits do you get by playing with mm3 in div1, name some kind of specific moments!
(mm3 = ventrilo/teamspeak)

Well there are plenty. First of all you can easily report where enemy rl`s are, you can report the exact time of powerups and weapons (we just say "lg on xx" or "quad on xx" finally you can make nice combined attacks (like on dm3 one goes to window stands behind tele and quad attacks ya which is kinda hard to do with mm3 binds)
and then theres the atmosphere you get to know the players more and stuff like that.
At start it was hard for me to adjust but after playing like 50 maps with mm3 you cant imagine real teamplay without it.

People say Slackers 04 team was the best with Gamer, Goljat, Para and Hib, do you think you guys could have won vs that team, what do they lack that you have and what do you guys lack that they had?

Its kinda hard to do with mm2 binds = without mm3

hmm i think we are able to win vs any team, what do we have what they didn't ? well the answer is simple, mm3
I think they had much more experience than we have so far
but thats only a matter of time i guess

What do you think about this years NQR, you even got a mix team called Dag!

Well to be honest i miss good clans, FS didn't sign up so i think the only hard enemy for us will be Koff, Dag is just a mix team and that wont work against a solid tp. I think nqr with his different system might be a chance to play vs more clans (we barely get to prac nowadays since noone wants to play vs us;()

The psychological warfare before matches are something that SR owns at, what is the main tactic, how do you win those ping fights?

hahaha I'm not really sure we`ve won any ? When playing with SR i always know that i`ll be the one with worst ping so we`re just trying to make 1 player from enemy team suffer from that too just to make it more equal ;d

What do you think of the treatment that the "kurwa" players get in QW, is it fair, or do you wanna fuck them up by shutting down all Scandinavian servers?

hehe i dont wanna shut all scandi servers ffs I think rules used in Eql and Ownage are perfectly fair, also for us teh "kurwa players"

What clan is the most disturbing clan to play against, and what player does the most whining?

hmm hard one
Cmf are always whining about para`s 13 ms as for the player i cant really recall the names, not in div1 at least

Come on, give us the first letter at least!

I don't know i remember Fifi was whining a lot in some official game we played
I remember Cmf rerouted to get higher ping just to make para play with 25 ms or something

Fakeshaft has been the subject this month, what do you think about it?

I don't really consider it as any kind of help, so if someone wants to use it they should be allowed to do so

ezQuake has brought QW to higher limits, what more should they add?

Well I'm not the kind of a "tweaker" player, really i barely changed anything in my config since last 5 years or so (only tp cfg and mouse sens) so i cant think of anything to add

If you wanted to win vs slackers on dm2, what should you do? just stop insane from jumping up from big to high tele?

Hahaha well you figured that out but most clans don't hehe. Guess that might work other idea is not to attack low with quad when we have 2-3 rls there cuz you`re gonna die for sure

Describe how slackers does it on dm3 start if the enemy gets fullstart, what do you do with (1) rl-guy, (2) pent, (3) quad, (4) lg and how do you take back the map?

Well we always go for second lg , thats very important. Also we`re trying to grab red + sng and attack quad together.
I don't know what more to say it always comes natural since we played a lot together
but timing weapons is very important
lg is very often forgotten by enemies when they`re in control
and you know what para can do with it ;e

2 min left on e1m2 and you just got Quad with rl, you have 1 more RL (para) and Murdoc just grabbed RL at RL, now only dragon left with his favo GL at quad as your assistant, enemys are campin mega with 3 rls and you need to clean out mega, were do you shoot and how to do attack ? (you got 150 100 and rl:20)

Dragon goes in first as a decoy then I'm trying to run inside with maximum speed and hope to be shot under the legs so i`ll fly up that gives me time to do few spins and shoot like 2 rockets before getting killed

People always find it hard to take over a maplock on dm3, and your the YA guy for slackers always shooting down ppl in the water, were are good areas to shoot in the water on dm3?

hehe well always try to hit lg spot also the water tunnel and the edge of low bridge is very good place to shoot, not many ppl use that. The key is not even to kill enemies but to make them weak so they wont have a chance to attack quad through window or kill you in yellow

Best rising star in 1on1 and 4on4 players?

I don't know maybe locust in 1/1, he hasn't been competing in previous duel competitions and hes quite good + got killer lg.
as for 4/4 i don't know, Jukka maybe? he hasn't been around for many years like other div1 players and hes getting better and better

NNQL 2on2 has started and your playing with Paradoks, just saw Dag, space had signed up, what are your hopes and who do you think will win, repp razor?

We don't have high hopes with this competition we just wanna play some 2/2, yea i think raz/rep are going to be untouchable

Wont Space/Dag beat them.. ?

Naah they don't practice at all, you cant only rely on your nick, cuz nicks don't play, players do

Ownage 1on1 competition is in Round4 and your still in the WinnerBracket, your playing vs Mille and after that probably Jus (Jus/Mooseman) do you think you can win vs these players and go to round6 ?

well Ive been praccing a lot vs best players for last 2-3 weeks just to get into shape so i think i should be able to beat them and face inter

There are lots of good players in ownage (inter/muti/ul/gamer/lacsap/xalibur etc) who do you think will win?

Well with Reppie`s absence , Gamer is a sure player to play in the finals for me and then i don't know Muti,Inter? hard to pick ..
i think Gamer will win it

If I beat Slabi in round4 I will play vs mutilator, what can I do to beat him in such a short time?

huoh! i don't think you can learn how to play tb3 in a matter of 2 weeks try to play some kenya maps as much as you can this way you`ll have a chance to win at least one map

There is a poll on the EQL-site, when EQL should start, what have you choosed and why?

Id vote for ASAP more leagues = more activity

Is slackers-the-movie coming up soon?

I have no idea about that :e

Thnx for the interview, any shoutouts!

Well id like to say hi to all da slackers membs

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2007-01-31, 09:45
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Jan 2006

nice interview.
Join us on
2007-01-31, 10:42
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Dec 2006
Karol Sprzedales CIALO :<<<<<<<<<<
2007-01-31, 10:48
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Oct 2006
2007-01-31, 11:02
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Jan 2007
Ahh that game-thread brought back warm memories. You guys complaining and telling lies and halftruths, and then trying to pin the blame on us (me) is hilarious
2007-01-31, 11:26
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Feb 2006

looking forward to this seasons game vs sr.
2007-01-31, 11:32
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Jan 2006
fifi rox.
btw, very nice interview.
With best wishes, B1aze.
2007-01-31, 14:38
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Oct 2006
Zapomniales dodac, ze ruchasz chlopcow :K
2007-01-31, 16:56
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Feb 2006
great interview
2007-01-31, 19:50
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Jan 2006
Great interview sassa. And great drama brewing already. Woop!
Spell "mogul," Bateman. How do you spell mogul? M-o-g-u-l. Mo-gul. Mog-ul. Ice, ghosts, aliens-
2007-01-31, 20:50
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Jan 2006
"...well Ive been praccing a lot vs best players for last 2-3 weeks just to get into shape so i think i should be able to beat them and face inter..." - plz, U didnt have to say that....I'm shy, and I'm not that good.....
2007-02-01, 06:14
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Feb 2006
a good interview with insane; yet i wish you'd have asked him about duelling lakerman and the jarrex/janne games from a couple years ago.
finem respice
2007-02-01, 09:42
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Feb 2007
Can You Smell The Testoteroneeeeeee!!!!
2007-02-01, 17:35
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Mar 2006
no but i can smell the bullshit
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