G:\Spel\QUAKE\ezquake-gl.exe -gameqw-mem128-democache32768-width640-height480-conwidth400-conheight300-bpp32+setvid_displayfrequency120-particles8192-dinput-norjscripts+setcl_independentphysics1-rulesetsmackdown
Added by: LocKtar
Added date: 2010-04-21
Type: Play
Engine: ezQuake OpenGL
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                          E Z Q U A K E   C O N F I G U R A T I O N                           ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///

//                                                                                                //
//                                    C O M M A N D   L I N E                                     //
//                                                                                                //

//  ezquake-gl.exe-gameqw-mem128-democache32768-width640-height480-conwidth400-conheight300-bpp32+setvid_displayfrequency120-particles8192-dinput-norjscripts+setcl_independentphysics1-rulesetsmackdown

//                                                                                                //
//                                       V A R I A B L E S                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//Only variables with non-default values are listed below.
//You can use "cfg_save_unchanged 1" to save all variables.

hud_ammo2_order                      "1"
hud_ammo3_order                      "2"
hud_ammo4_order                      "3"
hud_ammo_order                       "2"
hud_armor_order                      "1"
hud_armordamage_order                "2"
hud_gun3_order                       "1"
hud_gun4_order                       "2"
hud_gun5_order                       "3"
hud_gun6_order                       "4"
hud_gun7_order                       "5"
hud_gun8_order                       "6"
hud_health_order                     "1"
hud_healthdamage_order               "2"
hud_iammo2_order                     "1"
hud_iammo3_order                     "2"
hud_iammo4_order                     "3"
hud_iammo_order                      "3"
hud_iarmor_order                     "2"
hud_key2_order                       "1"
hud_pent_order                       "3"
hud_quad_order                       "5"
hud_ring_order                       "2"
hud_sigil2_order                     "1"
hud_sigil3_order                     "2"
hud_sigil4_order                     "3"
hud_suit_order                       "4"

//Player Settings
ruleset                              "smackdown"
b_switch                             "0"
w_switch                             "0"
bottomcolor                          "11"
topcolor                             "11"
name                                 "LocKtar"
rate                                 "9999"
skin                                 "locktar"
team                                 "ac"

//Teamplay Communications
tp_weapon_order                      "78564321"

//Skin Settings
teamskin                             "red"
enemyskin                            "white"

//Console Settings
con_particles_images                 "10"
gl_consolefont                       "unknown1"
scr_conalpha                         "1"
scr_conspeed                         "99999999999999999999999"

//FPS and EyeCandy Settings
cl_deadbodyFilter                    "2"
cl_fakeshaft                         "1"
cl_maxfps                            "500"
cl_r2g                               "1"
r_drawflame                          "0"
r_explosionLight                     "0"
r_explosionType                      "3"
r_rocketLight                        "0"
r_rocketTrail                        "3"

//Particle Effects
gl_part_trails                       "1"

gl_fb_models                         "red"
r_fullbright                         "1"

//Turbulency and Sky Settings
gl_caustics                          "1"

//Weapon View Model Settings
cl_bob                               "0"
r_drawviewmodel                      "0"

//System Settings
sys_disableWinKeys                   "1"
sys_highpriority                     "1"
sys_yieldcpu                         "1"

//Video Settings
_windowed_mouse                      "0.000000"
vid_colorbits                        "32"
vid_conheight                        "300"
vid_conwidth                         "400"
vid_displayfrequency                 "120"
vid_xpos                             "0"
vid_ypos                             "0"

//Sound Settings
bgmvolume                            "1.0"
volume                               "0.3"

//MP3 Settings
mp3_winamp_dir                       "C:\Program\winamp\"

//Input - Keyboard
cl_backspeed                         "320"
cl_forwardspeed                      "320"
cl_pitchspeed                        "20000000"

//Input - Mouse
in_mouse                             "2"
m_filter                             "1"
m_pitch                              "0.025"

//Input - Misc
lookspring                           "0.000000"
sensitivity                          "2.65"

//Network Settings
cl_useproxy                          "1"

//Server Browser
sb_hideempty                         "0"
sb_inforetries                       "2"
sb_infospersec                       "1000"
sb_infotimeout                       "150"
sb_masterretries                     "2"
sb_pings                             "2"
sb_pingspersec                       "1000"
sb_pingtimeout                       "100"

//Crosshair Settings
crosshair                            "4"
crosshaircolor                       "122222"

//Screen Settings
cl_gameclock                         "4"
gl_gamma                             "0.35"
scr_menualpha                        "0.8"
scr_teaminfo                         "0"
show_fps                             "1"

//Screen & Powerup Blends
v_contentblend                       "0.000000"
v_damagecshift                       "0"

//View Settings
fov                                  "115"
v_kickpitch                          "0"
v_kickroll                           "0"
v_kicktime                           "0"

//Demo Handling
qizmo_dir                            "D:\Spel\QUAKE\QIZMO"

//Item Names
tp_name_rl                           "{&cfffrl&cfff}"
tp_name_lg                           "{&cffflg&cfff}"
tp_name_ga                           "{&c0b0ga&cfff}"
tp_name_ya                           "{&cff0ya&cfff}"
tp_name_ra                           "{&cf50ra&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ga                 "ga"
tp_name_armortype_ya                 "ya"
tp_name_armortype_ra                 "ra"
tp_name_quad                         "{&c05fquad&cfff}"
tp_name_pent                         "{&cf00pent&cfff}"
tp_name_ring                         "{&cff0ring&cfff}"
tp_name_mh                           "{&c0a0mega&cfff}"
tp_name_backpack                     "{&cfffpack&cfff}"
tp_name_teammate                     "teammate"
tp_name_enemy                        "{&cf00enemy&cfff}"
tp_name_status_green                 ""
tp_name_status_yellow                ""
tp_name_status_red                   ""
tp_name_someplace                    " "
tp_name_at                           ""
tp_name_nothing                      "tjock"
tp_name_separator                    "$x20"

//Item Need Amounts
tp_need_weapon                       "87"
tp_need_ga                           "70"
tp_need_ya                           "70"
tp_need_ra                           "70"
tp_need_shells                       "0"
tp_need_nails                        "0"

//User Created Variables
set  _blue                           "$B$B"
set  _green                          "$G$G"
set  _red                            "$R$R"
set  _space                          ""
set  _yellow                         "$Y$Y"
set  loc_name_ga                     "ga"
set  loc_name_mh                     "mega"
set  loc_name_ra                     "ra"
set  loc_name_separator              "-"
set  loc_name_ya                     "ya"
set  nick                            "loc"

//                                                                                                //
//                                S E L E C T E D   S O U R C E S                                 //
//                                                                                                //

sb_sourcemark "qhlan"

//                                                                                                //
//                                         A L I A S E S                                          //
//                                                                                                //

alias .point             "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .point2            "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .point3            "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .report            "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg:&cfff}$rockets/$cells"
alias .report2           "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .report3           "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowp        "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowpr       "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowq        "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowqp       "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowqpr      "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowqr       "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowr        "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l}"
alias .reportpowrlgp     "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgpr    "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgq     "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqp    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqpr   "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqr    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgr     "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} {&cfffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowwpnp     "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnpr    "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnq     "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqp    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqpr   "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqr    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .reportpowwpnr     "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h {%l} %b"
alias .safe1             "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$] rlg:$rockets"
alias .safe2             "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$] %b"
alias .safe3             "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$]"
alias _armorstatus       "say_team $\    status ra / ya?"
alias _awaits            "say_team $\$nick awaits $[{%l}$]"
alias _cancel            "say_team $\$nick cancel $[{%l}$]"
alias _coming            "say_team $\$nick coming $[{%l}$]"
alias _epowerups         "say_team $\    $tp_name_enemy %q"
alias _getpent           "say_team $\    {&cf50get pent&cfff}"
alias _getquad           "say_team $\    {&cf50get quad&cfff}"
alias _help              "say_team $\$nick HELP $[{%l}$] "
alias _lost              "say_team $\$nick $R$R $[{%d}$] %E"
alias _need              "if $need != $tp_name_nothing then _need2"
alias _need2             "say_team $\$nick need %u $[{%l}$]"
alias _need_tpowerups    "if $tp_name_quad isin $powerups then _tpowerups else if $tp_name_pent isin $powerups then _tpowerups else if $tp_name_ring isin $powerups then _tpowerups else _need"
alias _nothing           ""
alias _okyes             "say_team $\$nick ok/yes $[{%l}$]"
alias _point             "if $ledpoint = $tp_name_status_green then else _pointx; shownick"
alias _point1            "if $qt$point$qt = $qt$tp_name_nothing$qt then else _point2x"
alias _point2x           "if $ledpoint = $tp_name_status_red then .point3 else _point5"
alias _point5            "if $ledpoint = $tp_name_status_yellow then _point6 else .point"
alias _point6            "if $need = $qt$tp_name_nothing$qt then .point else .point2"
alias _pointx            "if $health > 1 then _point1 else if $qt$tp_name_backpack$qt isin $qt$point$qt then else _point1"
alias _quadover          "say_team $\    {&c05fquad over&cfff}"
alias _report            "if $health < 1 then .lost else _report1"
alias _report1           "if $qt$powerups$qt = $qt$tp_name_none$qt then _report2 else _reportp2"
alias _report2           "if $bestweapon isin $tp_name_sg|$tp_name_ng then .report3 else if $tp_name_lg isin $qt$weapons$qt then _report4 else .report2"
alias _report4           "if $cells > 14 then _report5 else .report2"
alias _report5           "if $bestweapon = $qt$tp_name_lg$qt then .report2 else .report"
alias _reportp2          "if $bestweapon isin $tp_name_sg|$tp_name_ng then _reportpow else if $tp_name_lg isin $qt$weapons$qt then _reportp4 else _reportpowwpn"
alias _reportp4          "if $cells > 14 then _reportp5 else _reportpowwpn"
alias _reportp5          "if $bestweapon = $qt$tp_name_lg$qt then _reportpowwpn else _reportpowrlg"
alias _reportpow         "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_quad$qt then .reportpowq else _reportpow2"
alias _reportpow2        "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_pent$qt then .reportpowp else _reportpow3"
alias _reportpow3        "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_ring$qt then .reportpowr else _reportpow4"
alias _reportpow4        "if $qt$tp_name_quad$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowpr else _reportpow5"
alias _reportpow5        "if $qt$tp_name_ring$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowqp else _reportpow6"
alias _reportpow6        "if $qt$tp_name_pent$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowqr else .reportpowqpr"
alias _reportpowrlg      "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_quad$qt then .reportpowrlgq else _reportpowrlg2"
alias _reportpowrlg2     "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_pent$qt then .reportpowrlgp else _reportpowrlg3"
alias _reportpowrlg3     "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_ring$qt then .reportpowrlgr else _reportpowrlg4"
alias _reportpowrlg4     "if $qt$tp_name_quad$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowrlgpr else _reportpowrlg5"
alias _reportpowrlg5     "if $qt$tp_name_ring$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowrlgqp else _reportpowrlg6"
alias _reportpowrlg6     "if $qt$tp_name_pent$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowrlgqr else .reportpowrlgqpr"
alias _reportpowwpn      "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_quad$qt then .reportpowwpnq else _reportpowwpn2"
alias _reportpowwpn2     "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_pent$qt then .reportpowwpnp else _reportpowwpn3"
alias _reportpowwpn3     "if $qt$powerups$qt == $qt$tp_name_ring$qt then .reportpowwpnr else _reportpowwpn4"
alias _reportpowwpn4     "if $qt$tp_name_quad$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowwpnpr else _reportpowwpn5"
alias _reportpowwpn5     "if $qt$tp_name_ring$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowwpnqp else _reportpowwpn6"
alias _reportpowwpn6     "if $qt$tp_name_pent$qt !isin $qt$powerups$qt then .reportpowwpnqr else .reportpowwpnqpr"
alias _rlkilled          "say_team $\    rl killed! $[{%l}$]"
alias _safe              "if $bestweapon isin $tp_name_sg|$tp_name_ng then .safe3 else if $tp_name_lg isin $qt$weapons$qt then _safe2 else .safe2"
alias _safe2             "if $bestweapon = $qt$tp_name_lg$qt then .safe2 else _safe3"
alias _safe3             "if $cells > 14 then .safe1 else .safe2"
alias _slipped           "say_team $\    {&cf00slip&cfff} %l"
alias _soon              "say_team $\$nick soon $[{%l}$]"
alias _switch            "say_team $\$nick swap $[{%l}$]"
alias _took              "if $took isin $tp_name_nothing then _nothing else if $took isin $tp_name_quad then _took3 else if $took isin $tp_name_pent then _took3 else if $took isin $tp_name_ring then _took3 else _took2"
alias _took2             "say_team $\$nick took $took $[{%Y}$]"
alias _took3             "say_team $\     {&cfff$nick} %p"
alias _tpowerups         "say_team $\$nick {&cfff$nick} %p"
alias _trick             "say_team $\$nick trick $l"
alias drz                "team ; wait; color 13; name LocKtar; set nick loc"
alias nmerl              "say_team $\$nick enemy rl $[{%d}$]"
alias zoom_in            "sensitivity 2;fov 90;wait;fov 70;wait;fov 50;wait;fov 30;wait;fov 10;wait;fov 5;bind F11 zoom_out"
alias zoom_out           "sensitivity 4;fov 5;wait;fov 10;wait;fov 30;wait;fov 50;wait;fov 70;wait;fov 90;bind F11 zoom_in; sensitivity 3"

//                                                                                                //
//                                       Q W 2 6 2   H U D                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//                                                                                                //
//                               T E A M P L A Y   C O M M A N D S                                //
//                                                                                                //

tp_pickup    powerups weapons armor mh ssg pack cells rockets 
tp_took      powerups weapons armor mh ssg pack cells rockets 
tp_point     powerups weapons armor players mh ssg pack cells rockets 

filter       clear

//                                                                                                //
//                          M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C O M M A N D S                           //
//                                                                                                //

mapgroup clear

skygroup clear

floodprot 4 4 10


//                                                                                                //
//                                   P L U S   C O M M A N D S                                    //
//                                                                                                //


//                                                                                                //
//                                    K E Y   B I N D I N G S                                     //
//                                                                                                //

bind  TAB           "+showscores"
bind  ENTER         "say proxy:menu select"
bind  ESCAPE        "togglemenu"
bind  SPACE         "impulse 10"
bind  '             ".report"
bind  +             "sizeup"
bind  ,             "say =)"
bind  -             "sizedown"
bind  .             "say =("
bind  /             "mp3_songinfo"
bind  0             ".report"
bind  1             "impulse 1"
bind  2             "impulse 2"
bind  3             "say Dont taze me bro!"
bind  4             "_point; shownick"
bind  5             "impulse 5"
bind  6             "impulse 6"
bind  7             "impulse 7"
bind  8             "impulse 8"
bind  9             "impulse 9"
bind  =             "sizeup"
bind  \             "+mlook"
bind  `             "toggleconsole"
bind  a             "impulse 5"
bind  b             ".report"
bind  c             "impulse 2"
bind  d             "+back"
bind  e             "+forward"
bind  f             "+moveright"
bind  g             "impulse 6"
bind  h             "klist"
bind  i             ".report"
bind  j             ".report"
bind  k             ".report"
bind  l             "_lost"
bind  m             ".report"
bind  n             ".report"
bind  p             "say jag vill stoppa min kanellangd langt innanfor mordors portar (C) bps"
bind  q             "impulse 3"
bind  r             "impulse 7"
bind  s             "+moveleft"
bind  t             ".report"
bind  u             ".report"
bind  v             ".report"
bind  w             "impulse 8"
bind  x             "_took"
bind  y             "_took"
bind  z             "+gun1"
bind  ~             "toggleconsole"
bind  BACKSPACE     "say proxy:menu back"
bind  CAPSLOCK      "shownick"
bind  PAUSE         "say proxy:menu"
bind  UPARROW       "say proxy:menu up"
bind  DOWNARROW     "say proxy:menu down"
bind  LEFTARROW     "say proxy:menu left"
bind  RIGHTARROW    "say proxy:menu right"
bind  ALT           "+strafe"
bind  CTRL          "+attack"
bind  SHIFT         ".report"
bind  F1            ".report"
bind  F2            ".report"
bind  F3            ".report"
bind  F4            ".report"
bind  F5            ".report"
bind  F6            "echo Quicksaving...; wait; save quick"
bind  F9            "echo Quickloading...; wait; load quick"
bind  F10           "quit"
bind  F11           "zoom_in"
bind  F12           "screenshot"
bind  INS           ".report"
bind  DEL           "say proxy:menu delete"
bind  PGDN          "say proxy:menu pgdn"
bind  PGUP          "say proxy:menu pgup"
bind  HOME          "say proxy:menu home"
bind  END           "say proxy:menu end"
bind  MOUSE1        "+attack"
bind  MOUSE2        "+jump"
bind  MOUSE3        "+mlook"
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