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Commentary  /  9 Mar 2008, 15:54
Smilie spam ahoy!
Here are the views, opinions, smilies and rants on the current state of
QuakeWorld - all brought to you by your favorite player from division 5!
So, the sexy Åke finally set the proper bits for me to be able to post
here. Finally, my name is up here with great minds like Sassa and the
rest. Oh the joy, I have this enormous sense of self satisfaction
now that I can write electronic blog posts about this 12 year old
computer game!


Wow, the amount of drama this season has been through the
roof! That there will be whine and drama is, of course, expected. I
would also go so far and say that it is desired. This game has by
far the most whiney scene I've ever encountered, and I love every
minute of it. In general, this game has such a high percent of
retards and twisted minds that I probably wouldn't play had this
not been the case. Please note that I count myself as one of the retards,
this is not meant to offend anyone. Just sitting and smiley spamming
some game together with 10-15 people and as soon as something even
remotely funny happens just lean back and enjoy the ~5000x lines of smilies
that fly by. Of course accompanied by the message sound and a couple of
"grow up", "PLZ u r RUINING da game!" is inherently rewarding. Also
we have a lot of special characters that make this game so much more
fun and exciting. I'd say we're just a bunch of happy and emotionally
disturbed people that happened to come across each other through
the best FPS-game ever.

Well, back to NQR and the drama. In bronze we have a couple of teams that
are simply too good for this division. What, did I just say that
out loud? Yes, obviously I did. Nothing to do about that now however
and hopefully we will all learn from any mistake with the divisions
for the next tournament. Allans Vittnen will still enjoy NQR and
try to squeeze out as many points as we can, the general skill
level in bronze is fine so it is not a major problem. With all the
latest jazz about ghosting and faking we've opened up a new can
of worms. Sassa has a point in some of his posts, it is just too bad
that he can not express himself in writing without coming across like a five
year old with severe concentration issues which severely hampers his
ability to have any impact with his texts since most people write him
off as not being serious. In my opinion a clan agreeing to fakenick
a guy in an official game should get kicked out regardless. As far
as the ghosting goes I'd say that the punishment was fair. Everyone
will be using the new KTX feature of kicking the specs vs 3B in the
future anyway .

The new shit

God, I'm tired of all the new shit that everyone is throwing into QuakeWorld
to make it "easier for newbies" and to "attract new people". Well, you're
all wrong. To hell with your team overlays, your gimped yawnmode (Yes, it
should be spelled YAWNmode) and everything else that will inevitably
transform this game into a faster version of Q3. This is a game
about domination. In a duel you fight for the chance to spawnfrag
the other guy and that you run him over like a tank versus a Datsun
with your 200/200 is simply part it all. "But... but, let's
beef up the GA and perhaps tinker a bit with the weapon damage and
speed" - NO! The whole point of QW is that it has the best weapon
balance and that it awards the one in control of the map so tremendously.
If you want to play some gimped version of QW on a kenya map of your choice,
that's fine but I don't want to see it as a standard server setting
and newbies should definitely not learn to play this way. Let's face it,
QW is a niche game and it will never be widely popular again. The
whole point of playing QW - for me - is the dramatic skill level that is
needed in order to compete. Anything that lowers that skill level will
make me lose interest in the game.

We can, and will, increase the number of players but gimping the game is
not the way to do it. However, I do like some of the new features regarding
eyecandy and practical stuff - just don't mess with the bloody game engine
or add stupid things like a radar! This is not Q3 or any of the other
silly FPS games that takes 15% as much skill to play as QW!

The 1on1 ladder

This was the best idea for quite some time. I just want to say that
I love you, Phil (it was you, right?) and that when someone fixes
the UI for it, things will be perfect. I think that this will get
more games played and that the general activity will rise because
of this.

Over and out, for now.

2008-03-09, 16:09
who will kryddish the turkish, you might think?
I know who, molgrum!

Big John McCain: LETS GET IT ON
2008-03-09, 16:40
Älskar dig kryddiz. <3
2008-03-09, 21:04
2008-03-09, 21:09
yay, kryddblog ftw! \o/
2008-03-10, 07:59
yay on the yawnmode part!
2008-03-10, 11:56
it's already called yawnmode?
2008-03-10, 15:13
phil's ladder log-in forced me to select a country and now i'm an afghan
2008-03-10, 20:01
nice and fun read

And yes Phil.. you rule. Thanks for the ladden and come live in europe so we can play with decent pings ffs
2008-03-11, 13:56
I guess nothing can be done about the "radar mystery". No matter what we say or how many times we repeat it's never been intended for gameplay.
2008-03-11, 14:23
It's pretty funny how people list radar as 'most controversial feature' etc..
2008-03-11, 17:15

if you want to make a better front end for the ladder, or have some good ideas how it should be integrated into main site, tell me, i'm \phil\* on #qwrookie
2008-03-12, 15:08
Can't agree with "The new shit". It's true that some things are made to attract newbies and make the start easier, but that's great! The domination and skill level you are talking about is really untouched, rj-scripts were even banned! You will still own every newbie, doesn't matter which (legal) helping tools he might have.
2008-03-12, 18:22
I dont care if I own noobs or not.

2008-03-12, 18:22
Disclaimer, by "changing the game" I mean things like physics, damage taken, armor strength and weapon spread/penetration. Thank you.
2008-03-12, 19:23
So you are perfectly fine with removing randomness then?
2008-03-12, 19:44
I agree with your CAPSLOCK things kryd. ;-)
I was talking more about the helpful things that come into the clients and servers.
2008-03-12, 21:11
molgrum, not if it changes anything regarding the game itself - like weapon spread/penetration/damage. I haven't considered your messing about with the spawn spots either but I'm pretty sure I don't like that either.
2008-03-13, 03:38
Well it would be silly to say that for example stripping out the randomness in the weapons "changes" anything, rather it _fixates_ it to a steady state, which could be good in a competitive game I think.

What is "weapon penetration"?
2008-03-13, 07:53
Molmgru, read your first statement out loud and you will yourself understand that THAT is silly. "It would be silly to say that for example _stripping out the randomness_ in the weapons _changes_ anything." Well, how are you going to remove the randomness in _anything_ without CHANING anything? That is quite a ParadokS! In order to strip something out of anything you will have to change. So there. No, I do not think stripping out the randomness is a good idea. QW is not chess, and not a game of perfect information. Do not tampe with weapon damage! Do not tamper with movement speed, do not tamper with armors. Do not tamper with the game engine!!!111ONE

Weapon penetration is the amount of damage inflicted upon the player with weapon X through any given armor. I am not sure it applies to QW at all, but I thought I'd include it in my list to make sure that I was clear enough - DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME!!!
2008-03-13, 15:54
I always thought it is strange that a direct rocket hit does 100-120 damage, but i'm not sure i'd like to "fix" it. Then i'll have nothing to blame anymore! ;(
2008-03-13, 23:11

Notice that i put "changes" in quotes, and try to figure out why I did that.
2008-03-14, 00:04
If there's something strange
in your QuakeWorld
Who ya gonna call?

If there's something weird
and it got the molgrum tuch
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of MOLGRUM
I ain't afraid of MOLGRUM

If you're seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

An invisible man (molgrum)
sleeping in your bed
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of MOLGRUM
I ain't afraid of MOLGRUM

Who ya gonna call?

If you've had a dose of a
Ya better call

2008-03-14, 03:09
Armors: Damage absorbed %

RA: 80%
YA: 60%
GA: 30%
2008-03-14, 07:43

I loled D
2008-03-15, 21:50
Kuddos! (c) sassa
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