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EQL  /  2 Jan 2015, 11:19
European Quakeworld Final
European Quakeworld Final is coming up! 4/1 -15
So the final is coming up between Suddendeath and Fragomatic this sunday. Should be a hot game and favourites is Fragomatic with a crazy lineup: Milton, Xantom, Xterm, Maga, Nitram, Creature.
Suddendeath with: Carapace, Bps, Ganon, Lethalwiz, Mawe, Razor, Rio, Rst.

Game is coming up this sunday, 4/1 2015 @ 21:00 CET.

I hope live stream w/ commentary is going to happen on: Suddendeathtv on twitch
2015-01-02, 13:12
also here:
2015-02-25, 19:32
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