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T&T#2 - Teamplay config
In this T&T the topic is teamplay messages. We will not discuss tactics or teamplay, just the team messages. You probably already have some teamplay aliases that you use, but you may want to consider using the ones we will talk about. If you don't have, use these. They're very easy to set up. And are the best teamplay aliases I've ever came across. Credits at the end, they're based on the famous TVS teamplay script.
Before the aliases themselves, some basics:
  • some messages are more important than others. If you don't use messages often, start with a couple of them. Then, as you get used to click those keys, progressively start using more. Don't feel "forced" to use them - it shouldn't affect your gameplay. Report your position is by far the most important one. Choose a handy key for that one and keep pressing it.
  • It's no use to spam your teammates with messages. Use the say_team messages wisely.
  • Get used to read your teammates messages. If everyone uses similar messages to report a situation, the message becomes clear with just a glance, there's no need to read *everything*.

Now, the teamplay messages. Get them here. Place them in nQuake/qw folder.
There are 2 files:
  • tp_binds.cfg - contains the binds. You have to edit this file.
  • tp_aliases.cfg - contains the aliases. You don't need to edit this one.

Edit tp_binds.cfg. Read the instructions. Next I will describe step-by-step what you need to do:

First, you have to set your nickname (variables nick and nick2) with 4 characters.
set nick2 "{&c037nick:&r}" // change this
set nick "nick:" // remember to add space before 3 letters if needed

Then you have to set the binds to the keys you want. Note that some aliases have multiple meanings, depending on your situation (for example _report). Replace "x" with the key you want for each alias:

// Essential tp binds, in order of importance:
bind x "_report"
bind x "_lost"
bind x ".team_powerups"
bind x "_enemy_powerups"

There are many binds. You may not want to use them all. The ones you don't use, add double slash "//" in the beginning of the line. This will comment the line. Like this:

// bind x "_packleft"

Almost there. Just one more thing. The last piece of the file regards the optional binds:
// Optional binds, check tp_aliases.cfg for positions
bind x "_enemy_pos1"
bind x "_enemy_pos2"
bind x "_enemy_pos3"
bind x "_enemy_pos4"

I recommend setting these to the arrow keys of your keyboard (UPARROW DOWNARROW LEFTARROW RIGHTARROW).
Like this:
bind UPARROW "_enemy_pos1"
bind DOWNARROW "_enemy_pos2"
bind LEFTARROW "_enemy_pos3"
bind RIGHTARROW "_enemy_pos4"

Save the file.
Load nQuake and type in the console:
exec tp_binds.cfg

The keys you chose are now bound to the teamplay aliases. Check if everything is ok. Don't forget to cfg_save.

Some thoughts:
  • After executing tp_binds.cfg the aliases are loaded in your config everytime, so you can bind them to keys later. For example, typing bind q "_slipped" in the console will use the stored alias _slipped..
  • If you want to know which aliases you can bind, you can list the aliases using the command aliaslist in the console. Example aliaslist _* will list all aliases that start with _ (underscore).

Credits for amazing teamplay config:
Xantom - I couldn't contact him to ask permission to pos the cfg.

I have slightly changed some descriptions.

It's possible to setup a different skin for every teammate. Typing teamforceskins 3 in the console will make your teammates look like this:

If you have doubts/suggestions, post them in the comments!

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2013-02-26, 18:29
An important one you forgot to mention is a "took" bind. Deluging people with information isn't very helpful, as you pointed out. By pressing "report" every time you take a significant item, people have to sort through every word of every recent status line in order to work out if a team mate took rocket launcher. A line that says "mush: Took RL [low rl]" makes it much easier for your team mates to read the game. Also, a "took" bind is very simple to use, since you only have to press it once immediately after you take an armour, weapon, or powerup.
2013-02-27, 11:24
You are right.
"Took" is a very simply and important bind. It is on the config, but its underevaluated. so i moved it up, as a priority bind.
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