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Guides  /  21 Feb 2013, 12:16
T&T#1 - Convert yourself to nQuake
Welcome to Tricks&Tips #1!
This will be about convert yourself (and your config) to the EXCELLENT nQuake. It's the bestest way ever to play Quakeworld online.

After losing a match have you ever wondered if your config had something to do with your poor performance? If you play Quake for a long time, im sure you do. All these years, tweaking your config, saving settings you no longer remember, how can you be sure if your config isn't holding you back? And what if you have inherited someone else's config?
The only thing to do is start fresh. If you haven't done it already, download nQuake now. It is the result of years of evolution, and it's config is very close to perfection. With nQuake you have several new alias available, such as crosshairs, bots, spectator, volume, graphics as well as the better values for all commands. Don't forget to read the readme.txt.

If you're ready to embrace nQuake's config, this is a Guide to convert your current config to the new nQuake config
Disclaimer: The new config will be much thinner than your current config. It *will* need some tweaks after the procedure is complete. But it's the only way to really start fresh. If you simply load your old config to the new nQuake folder you are cheating
  1. Backup your current config.
  2. Download nQuake.
  3. You have to run nquake one time, so the config is generated. The config is saved in nQuake\ezquake\configs folder.
    note: nQuake's default config is always available and it's called default.cfg.
    optional: Download a better text editor. Notepad++ or UltraEdit
  4. Open in the text editor your current config and the nQuake config (new).
  5. optional: Copy all the aliases of your current config and paste them to the new config.
  6. Manually review all the binds of the new config. Compare them with your old config and do the necessary changes to the new one.
  7. Almost done: Load nQuake with your new config. Some settings might be missing, you got to set them up. This is your main config now. Use the nQuake aliases to customize your graphics/crosshair. Progressively adjust the new config to your liking. This will take time. You can use Phil's config comparer to check which settings you miss from the old config. Don't forget to cfg_save.
  8. optional: If you have custom model, textures or hud icons that you want to use, simply copy them to their respective folders under the new nQuake folder.
  9. optional: if you like your old HUD better, shame on you. But you can export it and use it. Load your old Quake, type hud_export (only works in ezQuake afaik) and exit. The file with the hud sttings will be saved in oldQuake/ezquake/configs. Copy the file to nQuake/qw folder. Run nQuake and exec the file. cfg_save and it's done. You can also use the hud_editor to customize it.
  10. Done! You have now a better config!

  11. If you aren't ready to give up on your config but want to compare it to nQuake one, use Phil's config comparer. Maybe you will find some settings you want to change...

    Congratulations! All that you need now is a good teamplay config.

    Next T&T will be about Teamplay configs!

    Do you think this description is too basic? Or it's fine? You got any tips of your own? Comment!

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2013-03-06, 15:59
I think the description is fine. It gives newcomers a few extra guidelines to aid them into becoming their very own quakeworld personalities
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