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Misc  /  11 Mar 2011, 16:35
Getting there...
Since this is in fact a blog, I'll go on a bit about myself and quake :-D
Yeah well, everyone knows I'm a newb. Not that weird, since I only started this game 2 years ago. I was one of these guys who started this game against people who've played it since their childhood. Obviously, it was like some div 25 team in the korean soccer-league would face Barcelona. That's kind of how it felt like, but I was determined not to give up. To me, quakeworld was so pure and the mere fact that you're in control of basically EVERYTHING when you play quake made me continue and really keep trying. I mean, there is cpma and there is other games where you seem in control somehow, of both movement and aim, but somehow you're like REALLY in control in quakeworld. It's about the physics of the game, the weapons, the smoothness... I don't know.

Either way, I have improved. My "mentor" bps has played me a gazillion times on aerowalk, a map which I've actually become good at, and I've actually beaten him a couple of times which to me was a huge achievement. To some of you, that's probably like "yeah well, who cares if you beat him once. Everyone can play bad once in a while". Yeah, that's true, but considering how great bps is on aerowalk, and how new I am to the scene still, it's a great achievement to me. I owe most of what I've learned about quakeworld to bps, but also to the other suddendeath members, and of course to Motorized for getting owned by me a few games a night <3

Anyway, I was in this showdown tournament as well and I faced a few opponents and managed to win most of my games. I had a few real thrillers, especially against the russian Razor[X], where we were 1-1 in games and the decider was to be played on dm4. He took the lead with 10 - -1 and I kinda felt that I was doomed. He was in full control of the map and it felt like there was nothing that I could do. The minutes flew away and with 2 minutes and 30 seconds left I knew that I had lost. But somehow, someway, I managed to kill him once and he started CSing. With some insane attacking, with no regard for anything really, I managed to kill him over and over again and ended up winning the game with a couple of frags, advancing further in the tournament. Who could ever feel like "I'm gonna win this game" when the scores are 10 - -1 and there's only 2 minutes left of the game? Was probably the most entertaining game I ever played.

However, now I am out of the tournament. Yesterday night I played Lakso, who beat me pretty solidly. He's also a very good aerowalk player, but I knew that I had a chance since I also know how to play aerowalk. Naturally, aerowalk was his pick, and he beat me easily. Something happened, I got really nervous and started shaking and it caused me to make some real bad decisions. I guess that's usually what happens when you're inexperienced. I picked dm4 and it was a real close game. I had it all under control, but managed to throw it away on 2 very stupid mistakes. Watching the demos, I could have won both games if only I had my mind in the right place. But, nerves and inexperience got me down, and so I'm out of the tournament.

But still, I love these tournaments. It's a bit sad that the ownage/showdown drama started, that Showdown was started without knowledge from ownage admins, since ownage was one HELL of a tournament, but I don't really care. We need more 1on1 tournaments and that's a fact. I wouldn't mind playing two 1on1 tournaments at once (all of us who play LOADS of starcraft 2 do it, why can't we do it in quakeworld?), as long as I get to play more official games. Fungames and pracs are really nice to play, but they're not _REAL_. I want and NEED the official games.

Bring us more tournaments!!!

Now I'm off to some drinkin', trevlig helg folks!

2011-03-11, 16:42
Andeh for president!
2011-03-11, 16:48
popnallen has spoken! keep on rockin', my padawan!
2011-03-11, 16:56
Indeed. More official duel games! Best thing QW has to offer
2011-03-11, 20:39
Nice to see one of the newer players sticking to the game for so long.
Now go prac some 4on4 as well!
2011-03-11, 21:46
I remember a time when "official" games were considered really important, maybe even something rare. When you wanted to play, you played. Be it 1on1, 2on2, 4on4 or ffa. Now, everything seems to require some sort official background (results being posted on a site) to get people to play.
2011-03-12, 01:03
GGS Rockbear! =)
2011-03-12, 18:59
++ more 1on1 tourneys, despite being a newcomer myself and knowing ill get served vs most opponents, would still be fun to have a go, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect!
2011-03-13, 10:02

There are alot of unofficial games going on tho, just check qwstats.
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