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Tournaments  /  8 Mar 2011, 10:18
Spilling my brain
Here are some tournament ideas I have had recently. I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts.
Two's Company
I mentioned this on the forums a while back, and I'd still like to see it happen. It would be a team competition, with squads of 3 maximum. Matches would consist of 2 x 1on1 matches and 1 x 2on2 match. I think this could work well with a fixed schedule like EQL pro, perhaps on Sundays during the summer to keep the various active players happy? It would also be a cool and fun way of playing some lesser played maps - I was thinking perhaps that each round of games would have prescribed maps. e.g. Week 1: 1on1 games on skull & rf2test, 2on2 on a2, or something.

QW Ryder Cup
A working title... obviously. In golf, the Ryder Cup is a biennial competition between the USA and Europe. Each team has 12 players and over the course of 3 days plays a series of fourballs, foursomes and singles matches. Everyone has to play.
Here's my idea of how to transfer it to QW:

Sweden & Finland vs Rest of Europe

It's worth saying now that this idea is more of a spectator event than a player event as you'd only have 22 people actively involved in the game. It would be a one-off event rather than a league/tournament, and could be repeated annually, every six months, or forgotten about and never thought of again

A non-playing captain is appointed for each team by the cup admin. The captain then chooses a roster of 10 players (to be decided). The cup lasts a whole evening as follows:

* Round 1: 10vs10 - the whole squad plays
* Round 2: 4vs4 - SWEFIN picks the map
* Round 3: 4vs4 - RoE picks the map - both teams have to use different 4 players from round 2
* Rounds 4-8 - 5 x 2on2s. Every player in the squad has to play. The maps are TB5, so one game on DM2, one on DM4, etc. Alternative: TB5 + 5 kenya
* Rounds 9-18 - 10 x 1on1s. Each TB5 map is played twice, and all squad members have to play. Alternative: TB5 + 5 kenya

So, there are 18 points up for grabs and in theory it could end 9-9. If it's a tie, the winner is decided by a short series on the slide maps 1-7 as a penalty shoot out I think there's lots of room for interesting strategies on selection, having to select 10 players that could compete properly in all game modes and making sure you had players to cover each map - this point would become more important if kenya maps were included.

European Penta League
OK, so this one is not my idea. In the late 90s, a guy called Dave/Derv ran a super league in the UK called the UK Penta League. The UKPL consisted of a few divisions, each with 5 teams in. There was no limit to the number of players you could have on your roster, but you could only field 3 at a time in a match. There was 1x20 minute round each week on a map chosen by the admins. The key details: all 5 teams play at once (3 v 3 v 3 v 3 v 3) and other FFA-esque settings are used like dropquad and DMM3. I think berzerk mode was used too The league system was very simple - each week the team that came 1st got promoted to the next division up, and the team that came 5th went down a level. This meant that a team misplaced in the lower divisions early in the season could rise up and end up winning division 1 (in theory).
Again this one strikes me as a good one to run in the summer. Sunday evenings, games at 19, 20 and 21CET, only need 3 players to play, etc.


OK, so that's my brain. Let me have it!
2011-03-08, 10:34
I like all three but mostly the UKPL!! sounds abit like my KTK and FTK... but mostly that clans could go up/down each week
but what happends when a player cant play and they need to fill that spot up? or when new collaborated teams come togheter in the middle of the season?
But I like this alot

Ryder cup is just a + for the specs.. its a nice thing to spec

Two-company is the same as my badminton-league..
3ppl maximum and 2x1on1 and 1x2on2...
would be nice with new maps each week and play it with the same league structure as UKPL with teams going up/down!!
Give the teams diff. score for their success in the division they are in and you can get maappers to get some new maps for you

I like this alot

Point system(?):

div 1
#1 10 points
#2 9 points
#3 8 points
#4 7 points
#5 6 points

#1 5 points
#2 4 points
#3 3 points
#4 2 points
#5 1 point
2011-03-08, 10:40
"but what happends when a player cant play and they need to fill that spot up?"

You can have any number of players on your roster, so that would only be a problem if you only registered 3 players.

"or when new collaborated teams come togheter in the middle of the season?"

I think that would be "tough shit"! The players would have to join other clans or wait until another team dropped out.
2011-03-08, 18:05
This sounds great gaz!!!
I love:

- "tough shit!"
- new map each week
- going up/down each week depending on result
- 1x2on2 2x1on1 on same map is perfect
- would be even better if it was each sunday for example when the game could be played so that you haveto have that day free or you loose your games... ?
- Ill do everything I can to unban this league
2011-03-08, 18:06
ps. great promotion for newbies aswell....
2011-03-08, 20:00
UKPL was an absolute blast. It was intended purely as a fun league, explicitly introducing the luck factor such as berserk mode (quad in last minute for everyone), kenya maps and 3 digit pings for most and shitloads of PL. Also, jammed powerups (that means they didn't always spawn on the exact second, but randomly could appear up to 5 seconds earlier or later than "normal" and tp3 gave extra spamfactor (GL ), map length was actually 30 minutes. Timeouts of players were very common, the hardware on all sides was under real stress. I wonder how good it would be with today's hardware and great clients. Especially the introduction of so many fun-features on the qw server software, should create new possibilities.

I found 3 demos of old UKPL games, you can download them here ( if you like (qffldm2, steeler, and aerowalk). Probably most interesting for Gaz, seeing some of those old names - most of them I totally forgot about but when I see their names on the screen, I wonder what happened to them and remember of their stories. By the way, check out the TSW lineups from back then... Obviously, Kenya maps are mandatory here.
2011-03-08, 20:30
Sounds awesome, hope some of this gets put into action, would be a lot of fun to spec ))
2011-03-08, 22:31
Andy: can you convert those demos to qwd or mvd so I can watch them in the OS X client please?
2011-03-08, 22:33
P.S. It's really funny that back in those days with slower play speeds we were able to play a 3v3v3v3v3 on Aerowalk
2011-03-09, 06:27
Sure, tell me on IRC how to do it, then i'll send the huge qwds if interested
2011-03-09, 10:13
I think it's done with some qizmo command line hax but I don't know how But I am interested. Maybe I'll just have to watch them the next time I'm booted to Windows.
2011-03-11, 14:55
I've always wanted to do a "fraglimit 1" tourney. Basically "hoonymode" from the old days of promode.

Its a regular 1v1, except you play to the first frag only (why has ktx/ktpro never had fragup/fragdown, even though it has timeup/timedown? :X)

The idea is to eliminate spawn frags, to promote the "positional" play, to make every death count, and to penalize rushing and such (not to say that rushing can't work here too)

So in a match-up between two players, they would play fraglimit 1, best of 5 or 7 frags on one map, then on another, and so on.

Its like sets in tennis. Some sets can be really long. Others you can get an ace (a good spawn). The only thing to consider is whether spawns should be as they are now, or somehow forced to be opposite each other, or player-picked or what.
2011-03-11, 14:56
To clarify: You play one set to 1 frag. Then you start over on the same map. You play the second set. And so on to a best of 5 or best of 7 sets (or best of whatever)

Then you move on to the next map
2011-03-11, 16:00
Interesting idea phil, but you'd need specialized maps to eliminate the spawn lottery. If you were on DM2 and one of you spawned at low-RL and the other at low-button, it woudl be over almost immediately with no fair contest.
2011-03-11, 20:17
Yes that's what I meant by the discussion about the spawns in my first post here.

Specialized maps would act against the fraglimit 1 idea, which is to play off extensive map knowledge to secure the first frag. So in order to avoid buttfuck spawns, you just use one of the safe spawn models, or make a new one (since ktx will have to be changed to allow fraglimit 1 anyways) a new spawn model where you just have a whitelist of possible spawn pairs (that the players can possibly even choose from, or that can be rotated and not chosen randomly)
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