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Tournaments  /  10 Feb 2010, 21:54
Faker catched at Ownage
Today someone registered with nickname DAG!
Since he didnt show up for quite a long time I moved to #legeartis and talked to riker to check if it is a fake. He just confirmed what I thought from the very first moment: FAKE!

Meanwhile topics appeared on and people start to blame each other.

Time to get hold of this faker! Ownage features an IP log system. So I had someting to start with. I found out that he lives in Sweden! Got his town even his street adress Finally got his host and did a Whois in IRC. My hope that he his too stupid to obfuscate his IP came true.

The output really flashed my mind: Hooraytio

Here it comes to the drama. Hooraytio, an EQL Admin, a man people trust does fake registrations. This is totaly inacceptable!

Since Ownage dont tolerate fake registrations in any way he will be banned for this season! Hopefully this will never happen again! This league is for fun. And if it was intended to be fun it was a bad joke!
2010-02-10, 22:04
LOL its too good to be true

knew something was fishy, my idol threw in the towel long time ago
2010-02-10, 22:04
dont worry, after his first match everyone would know that this cant be dag sad though
2010-02-10, 22:05
Scene can't take a joke?
2010-02-10, 22:06
And I'm referring to the fact that the tournament is still quite some ways from even starting, good time for the faker to bow out, end of joke and probably tell ppl. If the tournament had started and this supposed faker had actually played as Dag, then there would be real drama :E
2010-02-10, 22:08
2010-02-10, 22:08
ofc i wouldnt have played, whats the point with that? it was a joke
2010-02-10, 22:21
We need lakerman next!
2010-02-10, 22:24
I doubt LakermaN would actually be any good today, while dag might be able to catch up and be good again. Poker kills your qw skills, just look at para
2010-02-10, 22:25
Ive actually played a couple of games @ quakelive just recently with mr.lakerman
2010-02-10, 22:28
[23:12] <qah-anni> if you arent an admin in eql i had just said rename and play
[23:12] <qah-anni> but its inacceptable that admin fakes

This guy must really learn the difference between a true attempt at faking in his league and a joke about dag returning. What would be the point in actually playing under dags nick and get beaten by anyone since i suck at duels

I didnt intend to play.
2010-02-10, 22:31
I think that kicking him is pretty stupid
i dont see any reasons why you did that. This nick is not registered in tournament and there is NO such a player whith nick dag. Yes. there was such player dag. yes he was icon. but he dropped qw long time ago i cant understand why anybody cant play with nick dag.
We ve got many blazes devils and etc and i think one more dag shouldnt irritate anybody
2010-02-10, 22:37
Profile, I think you misunderstand the issue... It wasn't a player wishing to play under the name Dag, it was someone trying to make it look like the Dag of the past had signed up.

Also I don't think people should use the nickname of former greats, the blaze's we have is all pretty easy to know apart, as the finnish one is called blAze, the russian is called b1aze and the danish from a few years back was called BlazE
2010-02-10, 22:48
2010-02-11, 07:31
I'd say forgive hto. Sure it was breaking the rules etc... and maybe the right joke to do might have been to sign up flaming fist for next eql and not wasting ownage-admins time with extra administration.
2010-02-11, 07:49
yeah im sorry if i got someones hopes up and/or wasted someones time.
good luck to all the ppl participating!
2010-02-11, 12:06
great stuff indeed.. there has not been enough drama in the scene after link disappeared and with him the project of lame-ever, or whatever it was called )
2010-02-11, 13:23
wasnt lame-ever saved somewhere? cant seem to find it now tho
2010-02-11, 16:48
yes, but only on links harddrive :/ iirc it was saved on qwdrama before?
2010-02-11, 19:14
OMG SO LAME (/care)
2010-02-11, 21:56
"This league is for fun."
Thought it was pretty funny lol.
We need more fakers to qw!!
2010-02-12, 11:25
Yes, more jokes please, this is the main thing why admins run the league for free in their free time. Nothing better to do than check if all of 128+ registered people are real.
2010-02-12, 15:00
Hehe, maybe you take quakeworld a bit too serious tho johnny_cz...
Captain obvious joining the comments with an ethics boost!
2010-02-12, 16:55
Hooraytio or maybe we value our time a bit higher?
If I got 10h to spend on anything I like and I chose to spend it on making an awesome tournament I hope that it gets appreciated and that people don't screw with me. If you are going to act like pieces of shit then I am better of spending my time on something else.

TL DR: Fuck you Hooraytio
2010-02-12, 17:23
zappater by saying such things you act even more retarded than the one who pulled the joke...
2010-02-12, 21:05
I've just skimmed through the comments but i get the feeling that you guys would do best in take it for what it was; a joke. If Hooraytio pulls this off more times however, then you've earned the right to tell him to getta fuck outta hier.
2010-02-12, 21:29
nah, i don't think it can get more retarded than you hooraytio : - )
2010-04-09, 23:04
haha yet again the noble fork in our sides!
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