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LANs  /  7 Jan 2010, 14:29
qhlan13 summary
qhlan 13:

I think i played more games this qhlan, than i did during all the other qhlans combined (9-12). Which was fun. After all, you dont travel all the way to Märsta to sit idle in prewar...
So who was there?
Itsinen, Medar, sidd
Orion, Milamber, zero, jon snow, crash
Rikoll, Trygve
ok98, lethalwiz, locktar, bps, ruskie,raket,adde, willgurht, peppe, lorn

there was atleast as many other people there playing all kinds of dota and whatnot.

the day of 4on4s. We played a huge amount of mixes, i wrote about the first rounds in my previous post. No reason to bore you with more scores from these games.

Zalon, Bps and Locktar finally arrived (late), unlucky for us others, this kinda destroyed the nice balanced 4on4 teams that had been playing so far. During the sunday we also completed the sign ups for 2on2.

2on2 tournament. Anyone who cares have prolly already seen the grand finals etc.. so im gonna write about the silver play-offs.

In the semis, me and adde was playing vs zalon and peppe. On the paper this should be a walk in the park. Two seasoned div2 players vs ... well a team of peppe and zalon.
But it turned out to be a real thriller over five maps, in the decider on dm4, a2k (me and adde) was ahead by one frag, with a ~10 seconds remaining. Adde goes hiding @ mega while zalon and peppe charging after him. With just seconds to go zalon scores the frag and ties the game 83-83.

Meanwhile peppe didnt follow all the way into mega-room, but decided to wait on low-bridge just outside the mega-room. A fatal mistake, as i managed to push him into lava, just in time to make it 83-82 before the game ended.

In the 2on2 silver final we played itsinen and medar and lost with 2-3. We won dm2 and dm6.

1on1 tournament.
vs Rikoll
I had an winning streak of 6 official games on dm6. So obviously i had to try and make it seven. But this failed, but I didnt feel completly owned.
then we played dm4, which rikoll won by ~90-0 even tho i really tried to make some frags

vs Locktar
Dm6: With the warzon trophy at play, locktar tried to play an entertaining and spectator friendly game. Obviously I used this to my advantage and played worse than I usually do, just to trick him into giving away more frags then he could catch up. With a few seconds remaining the score was 18-18 and i was pretty stacked, having no problem to score the last frag.

Dm4: Locktar decided to keep the dm4 interesting by typing /kill now and keeping the game close. Sometime midgame he promised me ten thousend "spänn" (€1000) if i would win the game (I was a few frags ahead at the moment). However my dm4 cs-skills is no match for anyone, esp not locktar. So obviously i lost.

dm2: Imo dm2 is a map anyone with enough nerves and cs can win. Locktar again played a pretty spectator friendly game which allowed the game to be close for atleast some time.

vs Zero
I was more or less overrun by zero on both maps. on dm6 i did not get a single kill i think and his 13ms lg was really scary. Im convinced that zero had the best lg-aim this qhlan.

vs Milamber
Finally a game where vs a lower seed. I managed to win the dm6, but it was pretty close. Milamber played an old-school type of game that you dont encounter that often nowdays. More strategy and less tactics.

dm4: he won by large margin.

aerowalk: i won by a small margin. Making the deciding frags in the last minute. Which also meant i made it to the playoffs.

Quarter final:
vs bps

dm6: I got a 2-0 lead and played a really defensive game. It was not until 7th minute or so, bps managed to get the lead and map control. After that however, it was over.

2nd map: this was prolly dm4 or aero. But i cant remember how it went. Except i lost and it was not close.

Summary: after the playing all the semifinalists, i kinda predicted the end result of the tournament. Rikoll and zero felt stronger than bps and locktar. Maybe they went to sweden better prepared or something.
Last qhlan i won a map in an official game vs paradoks. Now i can add map-win vs locktar to that list. Still need to figure out how to beat reppie and milton...

Price cermony:
After all the finals, it was time for the price cermony. Despite all the +forward from locktar and bps in the group games, the most prestigous warzon trophy was given to rikoll.

10on10: With all players gathered it was time for the assigned captains to pick the teams for this match. Bps was captain for the blue team after scoring highest efficiency in a mix-game (75%, lethalwiz on ~73.5%). Zero was elected captain of the red team, after some impressive play in the semi-finals.
Zero started of by picking rikoll, while bps picked milamber. I was proud and surprised when i got picked already in the 5th or 6th round or so

Hopefully we can add pictures of the teams later
death32c: 30mins 10on10 dmm1 and 20mins 8on8 dmm3

2010-01-07, 15:02
hehe, I must admit Peppe's ending in that 2on2 was hilarious with some extra Peppe whine afterwards

Here's 2 screenshots from 8v8 and 10v10 (didn't we play 3 maps? couldn't find more anyways):
2010-01-07, 15:30
You still need to figure out how to beat phil on DM6 (Maybe ask peppe who spanked my booty the same way he spanked yours on 2on2) hehehe

Nice read
2010-01-07, 16:05
Nice with some inside info from the lan!

Sure sounds like you guys had a nice time. Hopefully me and fisto can visit another qhlan some time but it depends a lot on the date. Same goes for almost everyone else too
2010-01-08, 00:03
great! i like to hear!

i may attend next year
2010-01-08, 08:36
thanks willgurht for the coverage!! glad someone did it! good info and nice going
2010-01-08, 14:41
ty bp
2010-01-08, 15:51
Nice read
2010-01-12, 17:35
interesting reading.
was planning on coming but my mate n0s3n couldnt make it so i skipped it, but next year =)
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