Hooraytio  /  15 Nov 2023, 16:08
Hooraytio decided to bring back EQL with two ladder seasons during 2023 and the next step is a 4on4 cup.
Client software
toma  /  29 Oct 2023, 22:59
ezQuake 3.6.4 has been released!

As always, this was only possible because of you, dear Contributors! Thanks for keeping this alive!
ocoini  /  14 Aug 2023, 20:33
Another season of QuakeWorld!
2023 autumn season about to kick off!

Division Ninety Nine
Ten Year Anniversary
4on4 QuakeWorld Draft Tournament

Signup ends 27'th August.
Games begin after September 3rd.
Tournament ends mid-late october. (depending on signups.)
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toma  /  10 Aug 2023, 21:46
ezQuake 3.6.3 has been released!

Once again, Big Thanks to all contributors, who make this project keep rolling!
XantoM  /  6 Jun 2023, 21:36

QHLAN2024 will take place on 10-14 Jan 2024 in Epic Studios, Stockholm.

Signup now at !
dirtbox  /  2 Jun 2023, 08:01
Deja vu anyone? #weriseagain

After a 1-year hiatus, to coincide with winter, the world's most prestigious online Quakeworld duel tournament is back in its DownUnder format.

This year we are extending the server base from Australia and New Zealand to also include servers in the pool such as Singapore and Guam in order to appeal to a broader player base (Asia and West Coast USA). The idea is to include all servers that allow for 100ms or less.
bps  /  29 May 2023, 08:57
QHLAN2024 announced!
1014 January 2024
Epic Studios, Stockholm
Website with more info coming shortly

Watch Hype trailer on youtube
Link  /  24 Apr 2023, 17:14

On Wednesday 26 April @ 22:00 CEST we will have a great 4on4 showoff on some great custom maps. Some of the best 4on4 players will battle it out on rocka, obsidian and phantoma.
RaggA  /  9 Apr 2023, 14:10
Hello fellow Quakers

We are pleased to announce that signups for QW LAN PL 2023 are now open!
Client software
toma  /  19 Mar 2023, 21:49
ezQuake 3.6.2 has been released!

Thanks to all contributors! Without you guys, there will be just void!
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