VVD  /  20 Sep 2019, 19:56

This year it looks like the Thunderdome is able to keep a pace of 2 seasons per year.
We are happy to announce that the new season Thunderdome 12 is starting 2019-10-06.
The registration is open now!

Join our Discord server for more information and scheduling of the games. Alternatively one can find admins on IRC channel #Thunderdome QuakeNet server.

The rules for this season are similar to those in Season 11.

The main change from the Season 11 is the map pool. To facilitate the participation of the new players, the last traditional QuakeWorld map dm4 was removed from the main pool. It is still possible for both players to form their own map pool if both players agree and therefore form a custom pool. Additionally the new map The Catalyst is introduced into the main pool. Administration hopes these changes will make the participation more active from the new coming players.

The registration is open using the following link and will be closed 5th of October 2019. The admin team will perform division placements and creating the schedule and brackets on 5th, and the 6th the first games could be started.
We are welcome everyone regardless of the skill level to join and enjoy the tournament together with us!
Link  /  18 Sep 2019, 20:15

After 83 signups we are ready for the pre-season main event: The Draft!
Link  /  12 Sep 2019, 15:21

We are ready for another Quakeworld 4on4 Draft Cup: Season 2. Signups are live and we are counting 24 signups since the signups opened last night.
RaggA  /  3 Sep 2019, 22:17

With QHLAN over and server activity starting to pick up again it is time for Quakeworld season to kick off once more. And here at HammerTime HQ we have been hard at work over the summer break putting together not just one but two new tournaments for the autumn/winter period.
Zalon  /  31 Aug 2019, 19:36
If anyone missed it, we're at day 2 of QHLAN 2019, the first day went with 2on2, today is duel and tomorrow we'll have a 4on4 draft tournament.

Useful links: Website | Tournaments | QTV | Demos
Stream: Tastyspleen TV
dirtbox  /  26 Aug 2019, 00:56
DuelMania, the biggest, most important and most revered online QuakeWorld duel tournament in history is coming / Down Under for the first time ever.

Edit: Registrations are open!
praxismo  /  23 Aug 2019, 18:29
After many months of work and numerous iterations, long time deathmatch player fourier has finally completed converting one of his favourite maps: Catalyst, originally by tehace, for the game Reflex Arena.

A small map, focused for 1on1 and 2on2, the gameplay is fast, and extremely punishing.

Read on for more info
phil  /  18 Aug 2019, 21:06

Courtesy of the QHLan crew, here are some latest news about this historic tournament venue
praxismo  /  16 Jun 2019, 11:39

For those that wish to play more 4on4 over the summer, we have created a no-frills summer ladder.

Read on for more info:
Link  /  13 Jun 2019, 21:05
So, its late March and im on this "new stuff" discord and getting some qw in my veins again. I just finished a 2on2 tournament with Baresi that we got into by going in the backdoor in the last second. 2,5 months later and the GetQuad! 4vs4 Draft, season 1, has been completed. Life is strange. I'll sum that up a little bit and also sum up the playoffs and give you some stats.
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