Link  /  25 Jul 2021, 15:40

Today the QuakeWorld Duel League kicked off it's first division ever with the Aussies.
Link  /  17 Jul 2021, 14:01

A new dawn rises for everyone who likes to duel on regular bases. QuakeWorld Duel League starts this summer/fall. Signups are open: The future is here.
Andeh  /  13 Jul 2021, 02:52

QuakeCon is back!

Fame, glory and a place in the history books is on the line because this year, we're celebrating 25 years of QuakeWorld, and what better way to celebrate than with a QuakeCon QuakeWorldaversary tournament? That name grew on me over all those weeks of planning so I had to include it in the announcement post.
Due to the state the world is in, we will once again be playing from home for what is hopefully the last year of not being able to see each other in Dallas!

This year will feature a duel tournament designed to allow anyone regardless of skill level, or location, to participate and get plenty of games in, utilizing a double elimination bracket to ensure survival in the tournament even if you hit a hard opponent in the first round!
The tournament will be played on three separate days in order to progress to the Grand Finals which will be played and broadcast on the Big Screen at QuakeCon 2021!
Andeh  /  9 Jun 2021, 13:00
Announcing the fourth installment of the sdCup, to be played on Sunday June 27!
$500.00 USD is up for grabs in this FFA dmm4 tournament on newcrat.bsp !

Signups, information, everything basically, can be found on the QWiki entry! Go check it out:

See you there!
Link  /  2 Jun 2021, 19:58

During the winter and spring some mappers have been busy being creative in a lot of different ways. Either you like it or dont like it; here are 6 new maps designed for 4on4. Have fun with them or dont bother to look at them at all. Enjoy!
bps  /  18 May 2021, 13:14
The Swedish server went offline due to a datacenter move. The setup has now been recreated on new SSD's. Now bolstering 11 game ports, some changes have been done with the server names (DNS):
  • is decommissioned
  • renamed to (old DNS record will point to
  • Available ports are 27501 - 27511
Andeh  /  4 Apr 2021, 18:00
Today, Sunday the 4th of April, the third installment of the sdCup starts! This time around it's all about racing. The competition will finish on Sunday the 25th of April. The tournament is to partly to promote the release of Anni's new map - Anubis in hurry (race17_sdcup.bsp).

Find out full details over on the QWiki!
Link  /  3 Mar 2021, 10:57
GetQuad Kenya Invitational Season 2 teams ready.
gLAd  /  26 Feb 2021, 09:15

Friends, due to constant delays in the games, a follow-up day is assigned to complete the remaining matches in the losers' bracket:
  • LB6 - Sunday, 07/03/2021 17:00-19:00 UTC
  • LB7 - Sunday, 07/03/2021 19:00-21:00 UTC
  • LB8 - Sunday, 07/03/2021 21:00-23:00 UTC
If by the time specified above one of the teams does not appear on the server, it will be awarded a WO.

You have the right to play your matches until this time, just inform the administration about the match in the prescribed form.

Good luck to all of you and have fun!

Brackets · Rules · Discord · Wiki
Link  /  20 Feb 2021, 18:41
The GetQuad Kenya Invitational Season 2 is now in the works. GQ 4 is now in its final stages and we are ready for another 4on4 tournament.
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