Hooraytio  /  26 Jan 2016, 09:25
The signups are now open for the 21st EQL season. Gather your mates and be a part of QW history!
ocoini  /  15 Jan 2016, 16:38
Draft picking is complete! This post is updated with teams and structure.

Draft starts this Saturday! 17:00 CET / 16:00 UTC.
The actual draft will probably be streamed here: 17:00 CET/16:00 UTC - unless someone else comes forward and wants to lead the cast, alternatively we will just do it on IRC. Stay tuned on #SundaySpawnfraggin and #quakeworld if you want to view the draft live tomorrow!

A minimum of five teams will be made.

Games will being around 18:00 - be online around 17:30.

So far the teams will be led by XantoM, Blood Dog and Milton.
More captains would be welcome addition if you have time.
For a complete listing of all the players signed up click here.

There is still time to signup, leave a comment on the newspost here:
VVD  /  1 Jan 2016, 00:02
I made small statistical analysis of played maps in Thunderdome.
Most popular maps are:
1) aerowalk - 550 times, ~24%;
2) ztndm3 - 521, 23%;
3) dm4 - 494, 22%.
Less popular maps are:
4) dm6 - 382, 17%;
5) dm2 - 315, 14%.

Aerowalk keeps same 24% all 5 seasons. Popularity of ztndm3 and dm4 increased from 21.5% in 1st season to 23.6/23.4% in 5th season. Dm6's popularity decreased from 19% to 13%. Dm2's changed from 14% to 13% in 4th and to 15% in 5th.

But the most interesting is popularity of picked maps - 1st and 2nd played maps in games (according to statistics from 1st season to 5th which is shown in the graphic below): here.

Full table with statistics is avalaible here.
Andeh  /  27 Dec 2015, 23:54
Thunderdome has reached its finals once again, and this time, as so many times before, LocKtar and Rikoll have battled through their brackets and reached the grand finals.

LocKtar vs Rikoll

Wednesday 30th of December, 21:00 CET, 20:00 UTC.

It is now unsure whether there will be commentary or not, but we hope so! Otherwise you can follow the game at

[The event has passed, here are spoiler-free VODs:
Hooraytio  /  21 Dec 2015, 14:18
EQL 20 is more or less over and we can look back on a very active season even though we had a small number of clans compared to the hay days of QW.
bps  /  17 Dec 2015, 08:37
The final of EQL20 is coming up between Suddendeath and reigning champions Fragomatic.
Game time: Thursday 17th December at 21:00 CET (time might change)
Hooraytio  /  24 Nov 2015, 10:15
A fun and active season has reached the playoff stage.
Read on to see how the clans will line up for the playoffs!
Andeh  /  22 Nov 2015, 12:24
It appears LocKtar has started streaming on Twitch quite regularly. LocKtar is well known in the QuakeWorld scene, having played since the beginning and getting good results in most tournaments.

You can support him by giving him a follow and spreading the word!
Muff1ns  /  16 Nov 2015, 18:01
Signup's are open for everyone that want to participate.

Head over to and post a comment that you want to participate in the comments section.
pleuraXeraphim  /  12 Nov 2015, 23:52
Mission has created a new package based on FodQuake called classicQ."This is kinda nQuake with Fodquake, but with main goal to recreate the visual styling of original QWCL as much as possible."

Forum : classicQ forum
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