Andeh  /  20 Aug 2015, 14:06
Thunderdome has reached its final stage as we're down to only two remaining players - LocKtar and BuLaT.

LocKtar, coming from the upper bracket, has had an unusually easy road to the finals, his toughest opponent being Dirtbox. BuLaT on the other hand, after losing in his first round (!) to BLooD_DoG, had to fight his way through the entire lower bracket.

The game is scheduled to Thursday 08/20 at 18:00 CEST (tonight!). It will be streamed and casted on SuddendeathTV, make sure not to miss it!

Andeh  /  17 Aug 2015, 09:30
While the amazing Duelmania Worldwide just started, another well known QuakeWorld tournament opens its signups! EQL is back with its 20th edition! Head over to their homepage to sign your team up. If you don't have a team and you still want to play, a good idea is to drop in to #quakeworld, #qwrookie or #div99 to find team mates. I'm sure there are others in the exact same position!

EQL homepage + signups!
mushi  /  20 Jul 2015, 22:57
The most well known QuakeWorld duel tournament is back!

Just in time to take advantage of the 400 world-wide QuakeWorld servers, it is the first tri-continental tournament in the history of first person shooters!


With the addition of a number of new strategically placed servers around the globe aimed to narrow the ping gap between regions and continents, we are now in the unique position to run a competitive multi-continent QuakeWorld duel tournament and we are even putting our money where our mouth is.

Yes, there will be prizes for the winners.
Everyone is invited!

keep reading...
dirtbox  /  22 Jun 2015, 17:18
It is 2015 and Quakeworld players everywhere are still battling with dreaded packetloss when a solution has existed since the 90's. As a follow up on my guide on how to use qwfwd to improve your ping, I have now written another guide - this time on how to use Qizmo to fix your Lag/Packetloss

Check it out here
praxismo  /  21 Apr 2015, 18:50
With 4 matches already played on the first day, thunderdome season 4 has well and truly started. The tournament has had a good number of signups this year, which means plenty of competition and good games for all divisions, especially so for div0 players who play a best of 5 match in every round.

Players are reminded to please make sure that confirmation screenshots are under 2MB each, otherwise the match report function will not work. You can crop the image, convert to jpg, or do as you see fit just as long as the file size is good. Please also keep track of your next match and ensure that it is played before its deadline.
praxismo  /  9 Apr 2015, 23:22
A new season of Thunderdome's duel league is fast approaching. Format is division based and international, which gives players of more similiar skill levels and pings the ability to play more matches. This year we are looking for a quick tournament with around 8 players per division, with each match a bo3. Maps are the usual tb5, with perhaps some more thrown in before the tournament starts.

We are also looking for designers to help out with our front page, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Interested parties should sign up in European section HERE, in North American section HERE, or express interest on IRC #Thunderdome.
praxismo  /  9 Apr 2015, 19:23
Quakeworld clan Division 99, with Ocoini in the lead, have taken it upon themselves to organize a 4on4 draft league in the absence of EQL 20 this spring. They have gathered around 40 players, counting a few extra standins, and divided them into 5 teams.

The teams will play each other once, yet every team will reach the playoffs to encourage the captains to field each of their players for at least one match in the group stages. Continue to read for Hooraytio's summary of the teams and some predictions for the outcome of this project...
praxismo  /  30 Mar 2015, 09:19
With the draft pick coming up Sunday 5th April at 1800cest, interested players now do not have much time left if they wish to apply. With 30 of the minimum requirement of 24 players (making 5 teams!!!) already on the list, the tournament is certain to happen.

The skill ranges are looking great, with about one quarter of the signups coming from either completely or very new players, and signups from some very experienced players also.

Captain nominations also are very much needed for the tournament, with only 3 of the ideal of 5 so far coming from Blood_Dog, niw, and Heddan.

If you have not yet signed up and think that you would enjoy playing, or if you would like to pick and lead one of the teams, please enter your details on the main forum post HERE , or contact one of the admins (Qirex, Ocoini, Klice, praxismo, z0mbie90) via IRC at #div99
mushi  /  20 Mar 2015, 18:11
you have probably heard of Sunday Spawnfragging that ocoini organized in the last weeks. It runs on Sundays, and next Sunday the 22nd is no exception. This time, Playoffs for SS#2!

Brackets are on Challonge. Some teams need more players. if you have free time on sunday, from 18h CET, hop in #quakeworld!

If you'de like to watch the games, stay tuned on QTV. Don't forget the popcorn!
Andeh  /  2 Feb 2015, 22:28
Today, published an article about QuakeWorld and interviewed Andeh from team Suddendeath.


"QuakeWorld is a game with one of, if not, the longest competitive histories. The grandfather of the deathmatch FPS still boasts active servers and a loyal player base almost 20 years since itís birth. I sat down with Swedish QuakeWorld player and community member, Andreas ďAndehĒ Wahl, to talk all things Quake. With its genre defining legacy spanning 3 decades, thereís no shortage of content to discuss. Andeh is a member of the esteemed QuakeWorld team Sudden Death, and runs SuddenDeath TV, the premier QuakeWorld broadcaster."

Head over and read the article by clicking HERE!

Any and every exposure QuakeWorld gets to the general FPS scene is great for us and everyone who loves QuakeWorld like we do!

URL to the article:
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