praxismo  /  6 Oct 2016, 22:20

Due to discussions amongst top duellers in QuakeWorld on the suitability of bravado for top level competition, a small committee have been gathering for some months past with the goal of reproducing the map in a modified form. Ever a good friend to the QW community, Lurq has been kind enough to donate some of his precious time in doing the physical work, and his project is nearing its next stage of completion. A question thus will arrive: Is it ready?

With Thunderdome season 7 fast approaching, however, time for such contemplation is in short supply. It is for this reason that with optimism we announce the Thunderdome Bravado Exhibition Tournament.

Read on for more information...
praxismo  /  25 Sep 2016, 13:03

Once again, another season of Thunderdome is upon us; signups are already open on the website. First round games are scheduled to begin the weekend of the 15th of October, and the tournament is planned to finish by the middle of December. Read on for more info, such as season 6 map statistics, season 7 administrators, and last season's winners and runners up.
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dirtbox  /  23 Sep 2016, 02:34
I can't believe we all missed this!

QuakeWorld was released 20 years ago this week: 19th of September 1996.

Check out the photos of the official launch party over at Blues News.

Update: I actually got it wrong the launch party was on 19th of September 1996 however the actual release to the public was 17th of December 1996
Ake Vader  /  16 Sep 2016, 09:21
The seventh European instance of the 1on1 league Thunderdome has recently opened up for signups. If you aren't already familiar with it, Thunderdome is a competitive 1on1 tournament that at the same time strives to ensure fair games for all by dividing participants in round-robin divisions according to skill level. The map pool consists of DM2, DM4, AEROWALK, BRAVADO and ZTNDM3. At the time of writing, the European section has 22 brave players signed up.

Head on over to Thunderdome EU!
Ake Vader  /  5 Sep 2016, 10:16
A couple of days ago a frag movie featuring the hottest quad runs and what not from the QuakeCon 2on2 tournament was released by the FACEIT crew. It's a seven minute long, action packed reel and you can find it on Youtube.

Take me to the action!
ocoini  /  31 Aug 2016, 22:55
After a 6 hour long tournament Carapace came out victorious after 13 rounds of 1on1 matches.
He held his number 1 spot for an impressive 10 rounds winning streak.
Coming second we got Bulat, managing to knock Carapace down from the hill near the end, but ultimately losing his spot to Carapace in the finals.
A very respectable third place we got Rasta with an unexpected last game win against [DP] BlooD DoG, who came fourth.

Good games everyone! Long Live the King!

Signups open!
Ake Vader  /  16 Aug 2016, 10:57
As mentioned in our very own forums, signups for Thunderdome 7: Kill'em all has opened. The 1on1 tournament is planned to start in mid October and caters mainly towards Brazilian and Latin American players, with the scores being settled on the standard maps DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk and ZTNDM3. Notable signups so far include Brazilian superstar GT.
Ake Vader  /  5 Aug 2016, 15:11
As QuakeCon has kicked off in Dallas, Texas, with the QuakeWorld 2on2 TDM starting soon, this post compiles some important links and information in case you're interested in following the showdown.
mushi  /  4 Aug 2016, 18:09
Shamefully taken from a forum post by vvd, for reference

Thursday August 4/5th
01:00 18:00 17:00 15:00 10:00 Registration Opens
09:00 02:00 01:00 23:00 18:00 Registration Closes
Friday August 5/6th
01:00 18:00 17:00 15:00 10:00 Round 1
02:00 19:00 18:00 16:00 11:00 Winners Round 2
Losers Round 1
03:00 20:00 19:00 17:00 12:00 Losers Round 2
03:45 20:45 19:45 17:45 12:45 Losers Round 3
Winners Round 3
04:45 21:45 20:45 18:45 13:45 Losers Round 4
Winners Round 4a (Winner Semi-Final)
05:30 22:30 21:30 19:30 14:30 Losers Round 5
Winners Round 4b (Winner Semi-Final)
06:30 23:30 22:30 20:30 15:30 Losers Round 6
07:30 00:30 23:30 21:30 16:30 Losers Round 7
08:15 01:15 00:15 22:15 17:15 Winners Round 5 (Winner Final)
09:15 02:15 01:15 23:15 18:15 Loser Round 8 (Loser Final)
Saturday August 6/7th
~10:15 ~03:15 ~02:15 ~00:15 ~19:15 Finals
dirtbox  /  1 Aug 2016, 14:58
The superstar team which brought you DuelMania WorldWide, dopeskillz, dev and dirtbox, are proud to finally announce both the worst kept secret and the news that you have all been waiting for:

DuelMania QuakeCon 2016

Much like DuelMania WorldWide, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes getting everything ready for DuelMania's first ever LAN tournament and this time dev has really outdone himself. Check out the prize which one competitor will be taking home:

EDIT: There might be a problem with the trophy

Whilst dopeskillz is working on the new DuelMania QuakeCon page, dev has created a dedicated page for people to track the tournaments and also check out pictures of the QuakeCon event:

Check out the full article for information for people wishing to compete.
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