Ake Vader  /  25 Jul 2016, 12:26
The third and last True Damage QuakeCon pre-qualifier cup took place yesterday. This concludes the pre-qualifiers and the final seeds can be seen on the bracket page below.

Bracket / Results
Twitch VOD (note: on QuakeCon channel this time
Andeh  /  24 Jul 2016, 16:58

One of the biggest tournaments in QuakeWorld history is at our doorstep just waiting to start and it's time for a power rank! The 11 teams confirmed to participate shall all be ranked from top to bottom with no regards to region.

$25'000 is up for grabs in this wonderful 20 year anniversary tournament and I'm sure every team would like a bite of that cake. In a LAN setting, anything can happen and dreams will undoubtedly be shattered in Texas.

There are many teams that could be crowned champions in this tournament and each of the big teams have been practicing to reach the goal of becoming the 2016 QuakeCon Champions.

This tournament will never be forgotten. One team will go down in history. One team will always be remembered as the team that won QuakeCon 2016. The 20 year anniversary. The most grand of them all. Let's get right into it...
Ake Vader  /  22 Jul 2016, 13:49
Over at Func_Msgboard the seventh edition of the Func Map Jam event has been announced. If you haven't heard of it before it's probably because it's a map jam that primarily caters for the single player part of the game. The event goes on until the 11th of August and despite the restricted time, Func Map Jam has spawned some great creations in the past.
Client software
Ake Vader  /  19 Jul 2016, 17:53
Today the ezQuake version that is most likely to be featured in the Quakecon 2on2 tournament in Dallas on the 4-7th of August, with a $25,000 prize pool up for grabs, was released to the public. As there has already been a previously released ezQuake 3.0 version, the 3.0.1 version features mainly bug fixes in time for the big event.
ocoini  /  15 Jul 2016, 16:22
Have an artistic, intellectual or community based idea for a Quake project you have been putting off for years? Perhaps you have a really cool ongoing project going, that you want to get some input on or advertise?
Now is the time to dust off old pixels and get it out there; while at the same time getting some exposure that will last throughout the ages!

Five years since the last one; Quake Expo 2016 opens it's doors tomorrow!
Ake Vader  /  11 Jul 2016, 23:21
Yesterday the second True Damage International qualification cup for the upcoming Quakecon 2on2 tournament took place with 10 teams battling it out in a double elimination bracket. Browse the links below for results and the action itself. The third and last qualification cup is scheduled for the 24th July and Quakecon takes place ten days after that, between 4-7th of August.

View results / bracket
Twitch VOD from TastyspleenTV stream
ocoini  /  25 Jun 2016, 17:35
The three casted pre-seeding tournament starts tonight at 10:00 CST. (17:00 CEST, 15:00 UTC, 18:00 MSK) for those participating.
If you are going to QuakeCon this is your chance to influence the seeds, so be sure to signup straight away!
For those not going, this is a nice chance for you to play in a casted tournament =)

To start you off; included is a checklist of the main things you need to know when playing in the True Damage

Good luck everyone playing!

Update after cup:
VOD on Tastyspleen TV
Demos (thanks Meag)
Ake Vader  /  22 Jun 2016, 09:54
Today it is 20 years since the wizards at id Software released their Quake creation to the masses. It was groundbreaking at the time with its technology advancements, moddability and solid multiplayer experience which blew people's minds away.

Let's hope for many more years of Quake to come!
Ake Vader  /  20 Jun 2016, 10:01
The second duel instance of the Summer of QuakeWorld cups was hosted yesterday and ended up featuring a $300 prize pool thanks to last minute donations.

Note: Qkzguto is gt

Twitch VOD from Tastyspleen TV
Head on over to Challonge to see what the bracket ended up like
Ake Vader  /  6 Jun 2016, 22:10
The upcoming Sunday features another instance of the Summer of QuakeWorld 1on1 cups hosted by Jehar from TastyspleenTV. The action will start at 6pm EST (+6 hours in EU, i.e. 13th June 00:00 CEST).

Update 2016-06-12: This event has been postponed until next Sunday 19th June according to information below!

Jehar wrote:
Due to fuckups entirely on our own part, the second Summer of #Quakeworld cup is being postponed to next Sunday - Signups are now open, properly, for real this time. We'll update the date shortly.

Signups: Challonge
Prize pot: $140
Servers : NA KTX
IRC: #tastycast ( network:
Discord: tastyspleentv
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