Andeh  /  14 Apr 2014, 21:31
Dirtbox is hosting another tournament. This time it's a dm2 only duel tournament with a 32 player limit!
Hooraytio  /  31 Mar 2014, 09:53
After a semi active season the time has come to start the playoffs! As many games as possible will be streamed and commentated by Andeh and possibly guest commentators. Read on for more!
Hooraytio  /  4 Feb 2014, 10:10
If we are left with 9 clans this season I have a suggestion for division and playoff structure.
Andeh  /  28 Jan 2014, 13:44
SuddendeathTV recently signed a partnership contract with Twitch. What does this mean for the stream and for Quakeworld? Read on to learn more!
Hooraytio  /  19 Jan 2014, 23:21
Signups open today, January 19th, and close on February 2nd.
Andeh  /  18 Dec 2013, 10:23
The QuakeWorld duel tournament Duelmania has reached its final game this season. We've seen many nice games, a few upsets (namely Maga defeating BuLaT and making a top 3 finish) and a lot of flamewars.

This Sunday the 22nd of December, just a few days before Christmas, the epic conclusion of this season will take place between LocKtar and Locust. The question is: ARE YOU READYYYYYY?! Read more for some EPIC hype!

Hooraytio  /  9 Dec 2013, 11:24
Just wanted to let all of you know...
Ake Vader  /  4 Dec 2013, 17:58
As the gunsmoke has settled after the action packed division 1 final, it is now time to also crown the champions among the division 2 teams. On Sunday the 8th of December 20:30CET the teams Chosen and Klaphat will face off in a best of five maps series. The teams finished third and fourth in the ground stage this season.

Check out the EQL division 2 results
Ake Vader  /  27 Nov 2013, 21:55
Hot news just came in as Bps lets us know that the European Quake League final will take place on Sunday the 1st of December at 20:30CET between Suddendeath and the Viper Squad. Make sure to schedule this in your calendar as the final should turn out to be too hot to handle!

Update: The match will be streamed on Suddendeath TV
Websites & software
mushi  /  20 Nov 2013, 11:12
For all Chrome users out there...
Delete has developed and released a Google Chrome extension that queries the XML/JSON feed that Atrophy made for his meta-qtv. The result looks good:

Since it connects to the meta-qtv, it will print all the information on it's QTV active servers. Click on a server to display the connected players. Click on "eye" icon to observe, "play" icon to join. Clever
This is a handy little tool that reminds us to play more quake! Good job Delete and Atrophy!

Get it here and don't forget to share!
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