meag  /  18 Sep 2017, 12:59
After a break to test out q1q3monsoon test, it's back to normal this week. Same rules as Eclipse #2, where lordlame edged out nigve in the final, after an evening of surprises.

Tournament starts at 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST, 18:00 UTC) and will run for approx 4 hours. Exact structure may change due to numbers but expect a group stage and then knockout bracket to determine the winner.

Signup in the comments below, remembering to list your two map-drop nominations in order (first one will always be dropped, the second is a backup option).

This will be the last Sunday tournament without DM6, see forum post for ideas on future map-pool.
meag  /  13 Sep 2017, 09:39
To allow lordlame to say he was reigning champion for two weeks instead of one, the format completely changes this Sunday and instead we test a potential new map for Thunderdome 9.

Q1Q3Monsoon was created by Mick as part of ProjectQ1Q3. Some playtesting has led to an alternative version that is a candidate for inclusion in Thunderdome 9's mappool. Thunderdome 9 starts in October, so this tournament is a chance to try it out and get feedback.

Edit: Tournament is over, congratulations to speedball & ric for winning divisions 1 & 2 respectively. Whether you had a chance to play on Sunday or not, please leave any feedback on the map in this forum post.

Tournament results
Some div1 games (YouTube)
meag  /  7 Sep 2017, 09:23
After nitemare's victory last week, round 2 is this Sunday night @ 8pm CEST (7pm BST).

Same rules/structure/map-dropping rules as last week, so it should be a round-robin group stage, followed by a double-elimination bracket to determine the winner.

Update: Tournament is over, thanks to everyone who took part and also to Jehar for streaming at TastyspleenTV. The full results are now available on the wiki page.

This coming Sunday (17th) there will be a one-map tournament for a new map that is being considered for Thunderdome9 - stay tuned for details.
Ake Vader  /  31 Aug 2017, 09:15
John Romero has posted a blog update on the origin of the multiplayer-only maps present in Quake, i.e. the DM series. It's an interesting read that, among other things, reveals that DM3 was originally called JRBASE3 and also includes an early overview pencil sketch of the most popular 4on4 map of all time dated all the way back to 9th Jan 1996.

Ake Vader  /  25 Aug 2017, 05:13
The QuakeCon 2017 event started yesterday with the first rounds in various tournaments. QuakeWorld is, at the time of writing, yet to see any action with the games kicking off tomorrow (Saturday). The QuakeWorld tournament will have some international presence in Locktar, Rio, Feffe and Dirtbox who will challenge the locals Rix and Thump4 among others. In this post we'll collect various links and other information that's good to know.

Event is over, congratulations to the Champion! See full post for final standings.

Whole QW stream from Saturday
Straight to the grand final
Ake Vader  /  1 Aug 2017, 07:04
The reputation of Quake has always been that of an incredibly fast paced game which requires fast reflexes. Compared to DOOM however, the running speed of the Quake player doesn't come close when cruising down the monster filled corridors or battling it out in a heated deathmatch. One may think that little thought would go into such a decision, however John Romero has recently revealed on his blog that it was a conscious design choice they made at id Software to reach a certain effect in the game due to technical limitations in other areas.

Read the full blog post on
bps  /  30 Jul 2017, 09:49
We took the time to direct a couple of questions to meag, the foggy covered and somewhat mythological developer pulling the wires of alot of QW related projects these days. It could be interesting to see what's cooking and to get a hang of what's coming in the future. Read on for full interview.
Milton  /  5 Jul 2017, 15:09
The end of June came and it also means the end of the first season of the 4on4 Ladder Tournament. The tournament unfortunately didn't see very much activity despite a fair amount of clans signing up. In the end only three matches were played, which is bit of a shame because people did play quite a few practice games and mixes in the maps in the pool during the tournament. With this little interest in Quakeworld 4on4 I doubt that we'll see another season of the Ladder Tournament, but never say never I guess.

After the three played games the final standings are:
1. Kenyalovers (Milton HENU trygve lordlame hell)
2. BROWNSAUCE (cosmos meag paniagua drake gloomy)
3. d99 (LeopolD qirex vrtx qtio klice gore)

Thanks to Dev for helping with running the tournament and to all the players who participated!
Ake Vader  /  23 Jun 2017, 18:11
Steam is having its annual summer sale at the moment and for anyone looking to replay any of the old gems there are opportunities to pick them up at a quite great discount. The original Quake literally goes for a couple of dollars and there's also the Quake collection featuring various games and missionpacks in the Quake series. The Steam summer sale started on June 22nd (i.e. yesterday) and lasts until July 5th.

Check out the Quake deals on Steam
Ake Vader  /  22 Jun 2017, 13:02
On this day, June 22nd, 21 years ago the first game in the Quake series was released to the masses. To celebrate this big day for the game that has most likely been a pretty big part of your life it is suggested that you either bake a cake, play the game and do some good ol' fashioned fragging.

Happy birthday Quake!
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