ParadokS  /  16 Mar 2012, 16:25
Hooraytio in the hot seat
2012-03-16, 16:39
2012-03-16, 17:53
2012-03-16, 19:57
After this season ends and the system is evaluated one must also remember that the current clans are formed after the old segregated division system making the impact of the new system hit even harder. Hopefully clans will adapt and we will see a broader variety of skill in each clan.
2012-03-16, 20:52
True that Dimman
2012-03-17, 09:52
At 1st Iam CZECH not Polish :>.And at 2nd =) Im stopping with interviews since there were some spokes about quality ).So next one will be posted probably next week. P.S Thx for post ParadokS
2012-03-17, 17:05
What, HellD1amond_CZ? Not sure what you meant, but I greatly appreciate the interviews, and this one in particular was very good! Good answers Hooraytio, and good questions, HellD1amond_CZ! Keep them coming because I believe more people than myself are interested in hearing what people think about basically everything =)
2012-03-17, 18:43
Well, ParadokS told me I need to improve my questions a learn somthing about qw history and this needs abit time you know =).I don't want to post shits I want good and ifnormational interviews.
2012-03-17, 20:34
Yea, a interview should not just be some random question, it should be individual for each person. much more intresting to read. Not that ur interviews have been boring at all, but i think i know what paradoks meant.
2012-03-18, 08:09
Actually I think this interview was better than the Zalon interview, which shows me you are already evolving. I am looking forward to future interviews from you for sure.
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