Zalon  /  21 Feb 2010, 20:00
Ownage starts tonight!
Tonight, the signup for Ownage closes, and we are ready to launch season 3 of the popular duel tournament.

To take the pulse on the scene and possible stir up some pre-season drama, I've conducted a few interviews with some of the top players participating this season.

Read thoughts and expectations from these top players by reading on.

Milton, LocKtar, Rikoll, Valla, xpr, kingpin, xenic, niw, LuGia and Quake3 star fooki

To the interviews!
2010-02-21, 20:48
The interviews ended up being a little longer than I had first planned. But thanks to everyone for their reply's.

And good luck in the tournament.
2010-02-21, 21:28
n1 read, thx Zalon
2010-02-21, 21:38
Awesome interviews, also epic drama:

Fooki: I got tired of beating stev, hoens, ddk and fern so I felt the need to look for people who can actually play and not just bitch on mumble.
2010-02-21, 21:39
hot stuff

i like this part at the bottom : "Unfortunately, top seeded Swedish player Hagge wasn't taking any interviews."

2010-02-21, 22:46
fooki you're dead
2010-02-21, 22:47
Unfortunately, top seeded Swedish player Hagge wasn't taking any interviews.

2010-02-21, 22:49
also, nice interviews zalon
2010-02-21, 23:26
Looks like I'm a couple hours too late to signup - if any fake/inactive registrations get kicked I'd be interested in replacing them.
2010-02-22, 01:18
Xenic, I will give the best whine story ever if u beat me, i promise u that! =)
2010-02-22, 03:07
Doomed and skull are nice and they could, in my opinion, replace dm2 and dm6.
+ 1! <3
2010-02-22, 07:29
No Hagge no win :<<<<<<<<

Nice writeup
2010-02-22, 07:50
I also want to face Locke again. Quite easy huh? 2 frags win on dm2 decider?
2010-02-22, 07:54
Hehe, Hagge is 2cool4interviews!

Nice read!
2010-02-22, 08:15
2010-02-22, 08:31
Fooki's comments are laden with disgusting lies! Ban him from qw!
2010-02-22, 10:20
what i meant rikoll, that even if the frags were low, i felt i had np on dm2 against you that day, going on halfspeed.
2010-02-22, 13:45
2010-02-22, 13:47
Have to agree with the guys saying skull is a fun map. Thats the sort of map that could make me consider playing duels at all (along with dm2 ofc). I really dont like aero and ztn but they shouldnt be removed so i prolly wont play duels afterall. (besides, im bannd too!)

Milton is being a little modest here, i think he will win it all!
2010-02-22, 22:54
hahaha zalon :E maybe next time
2010-02-22, 22:54
omg kingpin! <3
2010-02-23, 12:14
Great interviews! This Ownage season will without a doubt be the best one by far.
2010-02-23, 14:24
I think tVs is a pretty cool guy. eh kills quakers and doesnt afraid of anything.
2010-02-23, 22:16
gl xpr and all players =)
2010-02-24, 13:56
I am away for a few days / forget to check and I also (like HT) find out that the registration is closed. If anyone drops and needs replacement count me in!
2010-02-24, 14:38
Drop by in the irc-channel and have a talk to anni, don't think he has anything against a few more players :E
2010-02-24, 15:29
2010-02-24, 15:33
I want to be the first to congratulate Milton for playing a duel tourney! Even if he gets knocked out in the first game vs Mors

I have always been disappointed him not playing in duels, and I think the reason is just how busy he is with other stuff and 4on4. This entire duel tournament has some crazy big potential for duel OWNAGE!
2010-02-26, 14:31
HP USB Optical 3-button Mouse (DY651A) is horrible!
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