Zalon  /  11 Jun 2009, 23:16
DreamHack - Groups
With DreamHack just 1 day away, we can now reveal the groups for the Quake Forever tournament!

As a note, we've been informed that the final will once again be shown at DreamArena commentated by Jay (2GD) and Joe and it will be played using 120hz Samsung TFT monitors.

Read on for more info.
2009-06-11, 23:18
Gonna be hard just to get a map win
2009-06-11, 23:55
glhf all, and glhf with that map Zal!
2009-06-12, 07:03
Wtf, no Hagge in my group!?
2009-06-12, 07:03
Makes sense though - i assume we were seeded 1st and 2nd.
2009-06-12, 07:32
hehe very true ake :E hmm me and lakso.. weird since I told him yesterday that we will be in the same group, I guess I can see into the future :E
2009-06-12, 07:32
btw, anyone heard anything from this tempest guy? is he even coming? :S
2009-06-12, 09:18
I heard it's Reload who's on his way.
2009-06-13, 09:54
2009-06-13, 09:55
2009-06-13, 10:16
Any coverage of this event?
2009-06-13, 12:26
Yes, lots - but no streams until tomorrow
2009-06-13, 14:18
bleh, para didnt show up?
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