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2017-09-13, 16:00
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Sep 2017
I remember ages ago (over 14 years ago!) there was a Quakeworld client (now defunct) called Quakeforge that built-in .loc reading and creation. By turning entity display off, you get to go around and see where all the designated locations were (if a .loc was present) or you can define your own (if and if not present), and you can save your location descriptions into .loc files.

However, with such a client no longer worked on / probably not even searchable anymore, is there any other fairly easy way to create .loc's for maps that don't explicitly have them? Also, if you make locs, what do YOU use? The only reason I'm bringing this up is that I am contemplating returning to mapmaking, even if it's short maps, coop maps or duel arenas.
2017-09-13, 16:16
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Sep 2015
It won't let you view the locations (to my knowledge), but ezquake has /loadloc & /saveloc to load/save files, and /addloc, /removeloc & /clearlocs for individual locations. Haven't used them myself but haven't had any complaints about them either.
2017-09-15, 11:02
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Jan 2006
I used to use Qizmo to create them back in the day...
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