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2017-06-11, 18:27
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Sep 2015
Have been playing around lately with the server talking to a web server, uploading game results & stats.

First attempt at putting this to good use is a very simple ladder/ranking system for duels & arena/pov maps. To play, connect to (now based in london, has bots enabled) or (netherlands, no bots enabled), and play a game with the matchtag set to 'ladder' (/1on1 ladder), and play one of the supported maps. If matchtag isn't set, the game won't be included in the tournament.

Maps supported are: dm2/dm4/dm6/aerowalk/ztndm3/bravado and skull, travelert6 and ravageqwb8. For arena, valid maps are: povdmm4, povdmm4b, end, dm2dmm4 & oldcrat.

Game results are uploaded at the end of the match and you should see something like:

Statistics stored
BRAVADO ratings updated:
meag: 1613 (+2)
yamazaki: 1616 (+16)
Duel maps ratings updated:
meag: 1647 (+2)
yamazaki: 1642 (+16)

You can check positions on this page - very basic right now. Each game updates two ratings: your stats for that particular map and your overall duel/arena ranking. This is just for testing at the moment and not meant to be serious - you can even just play the bots and get points that way (they have fixed ratings from 1400-1600, based on skill level). You can't lose any points by playing, and should get between 2 and 32 points for each map played. I should add some kind of decay so inactive players gradually lose points but haven't implemented that yet. Points for each game are allocated based on:

> Activity: you get more points for playing someone ranked much higher than you.
> Winning: Winning gets you maximum points here, but the loser gets a bonus for close games too.

If there's any interest I'll disallow bot matches and do a bit more work to make it a proper tournament. Also if anyone has ideas on how to assign values to 2v2/4v4 games then I can try to add that in as well.
2017-06-12, 07:41
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Jan 2006
Wow, truly awesome meag. Gonna try this out asap I'm home!
How is 2on2/4on4 differing in a scoring perspective?
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