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2017-03-29, 22:59
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May 2006
Chilling Spree 1.0 beta2 RELEASE


How to install (Linux)

Extract the archive cspree_server.tar.gz into your Quake server directory.
Edit cfgs/ports/*.cfg and private.cfg to suit your needs.



Upgrading the server binary





  • Shows an introduction text for newcomers, skipped by firing.

  • is revamped and does not refetch the same timestamp.

  • Map voting bases the list on popularity on the local server, not planned to be that way but was interesting to make it.
  • Put pm_airstep 1 on some Q1Q3-maps, will not impact other maps and probably fits the design better.

Bring it on
  • Axe damage increased to **80**.
  • Nail/supernail velocity **doubled**.

  • Disabled unfinished modes: Capture The Flag, Hide & Seek.

Bug fixes
  • Backpacks no longer disappear when players are gibbed.
  • Holding jump does not vibrate the view and airstep works now.
  • Worked around the FTE file system bug where capital letters in demo names causes demos to not be found. (g_demo_lowername)
  • Deathmatch mode switching bug fix where items disappeared or did other weird stuff.
  • Mode change config loading bug fix.
  • Weapon viewmodel properly animated now, no freezing.
  • DMM4 no longer has weapons or ammo laying around.

Servers running cspree so far (all modes) (duel arena) (freeze tag) (kill the king) (head hunters)

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2017-04-01, 06:36
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May 2006

The latest files in Git now contains I made this to create your Quake ports configured fully without needing a text editor. Please tell me if this works out good for you or not.

HEADS UP: It replaces files in cfgs/ports/ and run/

When done with 3, 4 or even 5 ports you can doublecheck the files in cfgs/ports/portXXXXX.cfg so they look like you want them. If you need to change anything in the .cfg please write it here because should do that for you.

A side note: The newer and which currently runs a server for port 27511, then loops to 27512 until there are no more files. Made that to give you the option of how many ports you want!

If you want to use this functionality and use Git, just clone or pull.
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2017-05-11, 04:32
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Mar 2006
I'll test it later! - Fórum QuakeBrasil
2017-05-26, 15:01
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Sep 2014
Airstepping + cpma double jumps work now, nice. Shame it will never become standard.

It does however allow a few game changing jumps like up to quad on dm2 and up to mega on dm3.
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